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Tawny Owl Nursery

We welcome babies into our Tawny Owl Nursery from 6 weeks to approximately 2 years old. As parents ourselves, we are highly sensitive to the need of providing a relaxed and loving atmosphere into which parents can leave their most “precious possessions” with us. To support both our babies,toddlers and parents we employ a team of qualified and experienced staff that have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in relation to working with babies. We aim for our Tawny Owl Nursery to be a secure, stimulating and caring home from home environment providing parents with the confidence and peace of mind knowing that their children are receiving the best possible care available.

The routine of our babies days and sessions are very much based on the individual needs of our babies with our babies dictating when they require feeding, changing, stimulating or sleeping. We also provide 3 triple buggies in order that we are able to take our children out to explore the local community. As our babies develop and become more inquisitive we provide more stimulating and challenging activities, such as arts & craft, sand & water play complimented by stimulating and educational resources. All staff employed within our Tawny owl nursery attend annual save a babies life training which covers vital training on choking,non breathing infants and first aid skills.

Within our Tawny Owl Nursery we offer:

A dedicated Tawny Owl entrance

Complete with a separate security system.

Welcome Room

This is the area where your children’s belongings are stored and where your child’s key person welcomes you.This is also where our care plans for the toddlers and parents take place.

Tiny Tawny's Room

Our Tiny Tawny nursery has been designed to purely meet the needs of our youngest babies who are not yet walking. Our babies benefit from a real home from home environment featuring our ballet bar, French windows enabling the babies to see outside, a black and white area, low level climbing equipment, sensory resources as well as all of the wonderful continuous provision and heuristic play we offer on a daily basis. This area also benefits from a sofa, soft rugs, spa music and a sensory atomiser creating a very homely and cosy environment.We also have a black and white corner which offers visual stimulation for our younger babies through optical experiences encouraging cognitive development


Messy Rooms

In our messy rooms we have a custom built low level sink for our babies and toddlers which enables them to wash their hands independently. We also have a separate toilet from this room to assist any children who may be potty training.


Physical Room

We also offer a physical room. Here we have our indoor physical play area complete with a wooden climbing frame which the children adore. We also additional physical resources for our toddlers such as balls and indoor play equipment.

Rising Two's - Exploring Room

This room benefits from wooden role play resources which provides the opportunities tailored to meet the individual needs of our older toddlers. This environment provides opportunities for imaginative play, opportunities to recreate roles and experiences for children to engage in both focused adult led play. This involves activities such as craft and cooking as well as being able to explore our broad range of continuous provision and equipment which promotes investigation as well as enabling the children to enhance their language and communication skills.


We have an individual sleep room for our babies. Here we provide wooden cots for our babies along with cellular blankets and cosy flannelette sheets. We have CCTV cameras within the room which enables us to view and hear our babies at all times.For our older toddlers we provide cushioned sleeping mats which are both hygienic and comfortable

In addition to the above we also have our own baby changing bathroom where we promote hygiene and respect privacy. Situated on the first floor is a parent’s room whereby parents are welcome to have refreshments if their child is settling, or should they wish to have a general private discussion with the staff regarding their child’s care or development.

“The staff are extremely caring and clearly demonstrates their passion and enthusiasm for providing high quality, enjoyable care.” Ofsted 2014.

Fees for the Tawny Owl Nursery


Morning Sessions 7.45am – 12.45pm £ 28.25
9.00am – 1.00pm £ 23.00
Afternoon Sessions 1.00pm - 6.00pm £ 28.25
1.00pm - 5.00pm £ 23.00
Daily rates  9.00am - 3.00pm £ 40.00
 9.00am - 5.00pm £ 42.50
 8.00am - 6.00pm £ 47.00
Block Booking of 50 hours per week £205.00
Breakfast £ 0.50
Cooked Lunch £2.30
Tea £1.20


For additional hours outside of our morning and afternoon sessions these can be added at a rate of £8.00 per hour. There is a reduction of 20p per hour for siblings also attending Nursery. Please note that our fees structure is exclusive of meals and we do ask that parents supply their own nappies and nappy changing items. Please note that we do ask that children attend nursery for a minimum of two sessions each week. Please note that our fee structure is correct as at May 2018 and will be subject to being reviewed again in May 2019.


4 Ribbon CutThe opening of our Tawny Owl Nursery.

Our brand new Tawny Owl Nursery was officially opened by Republic of Ireland's Anthony Pilkington and family, Alfie, Luca and Jo on Saturday 22nd March 2014.





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