Fun in the garden and waiting for our pets to arrive

Our brand new nursery pets will be arriving in our settings as well as our eggs and incubators all ready for Easter.
So many lovely new experiences ahead for our Little Owls children.

Today in Barn Owls Toftwood all the children excitedly chose all the things they need for their new pet fish .
We looked at Pets at Home online and the children viewed all the resources.
Some of the things the children have chosen to go in their new tanks is pink gravel, rainbow gravel, a spong bob ornament, a paw patrol ornament and some plants to make our aquarium look pretty.
The children are very excited to welcome their new pets very soon.

Green fingered fun in the garden

This morning our Toftwood Tawny Owls have been busy gardening in the sunshine! The children have enjoyed filling the planters with soil before adding each flower. The children enjoyed pointing at the different colours they could see like “yellow” and “purple”! The children were so excited to see each flower saying to the practitioner “Wow look!” as they pointed to the flowers! We then watered the plants before having a play in the garden!
Great job Tawny Owls! Thanks for your help.

Today some of our “Toftwood Barn Owls” children went out on an adventure. We went to the local pond to do some pond dipping.
We all walked over to the pond together using our walking rope and when we got there we sat and talked about the pond rules.
The children all got to use their nets and explore the pond life.
We saw frogs and lots and lots of frog spawn.
The children talked about what they saw.
“Frog spawn look like beans”
“That’s the frogs babies”
“That’s where tadpoles comes from”
“Maybe a shark is in there”
“And sea lions”
“The frog spawn looks like googly eyes”
“I see 5 frogs”
We managed to catch a frog and some frog spawn so the children all got to have a closer look.
We all had lots of fun. Well done Barn Owls.
We look forward to doing this on a more regular basis so that all of our Barn Owl pre school children get the opportunity to explore the pond.

Life cycle of a daffodil

This morning in snowy owls Toftwood our rising 3’s have been learning about the life cycle of a daffodil! We talked about how the daffodil bulbs are planted in the ground and grow into beautiful flowers! The snowy owls learnt the names of the different parts of the daffodil and then each got to see what the daffodil smelt like!

This week in Snowy Owls Scarning we are learning about growth and planting at spring time
Today we have creating a tray focused on this topic filled with all the resources we would need if we were to do some gardening and planting such as compost soil, flowers, rakes and spades, gardening gloves and watering cans!
Throughout the day Snowy Owls have really enjoyed engaging within this tray making great use of all the open ended resources available and imitating home experiences showing some great gardening skills
The children also held lots of lovely conversations with their peers and familiar adults about helping their families at home in the garden “My mummy has gloves like these”. “I do lots of digging at home in my garden”. “I love these pretty flowers, I have some at home”.
Snowy Owls this week have also been planting their very own plants at nursery and taking great care of them by watering them daily and watching them grow each day. We have also planted our very own cress which we are waiting to sprout so we can take them home to enjoy with our families!

Today in Tawny Owls Scarning we have been busy making farm yard paper plate faces.
Our children used a selection of craft materials including paint, cotton wool and googly eyes.
These wonderful pieces of art will be displayed on our new Spring display board in Tawny Owls!
Lots of fun had by all of our lovely little ones, some of the children were able to recognise the shapes amongst the animal faces by saying “circle” and “triangle”