Loads of activities going on this week.

Barn Owls Scarning have enjoyed exploring the grass garden where they enjoyed getting messy in the mud; climbing the trees; exploring the music wall; bug hunting and making obstacle courses out of lots of loose parts! The children showed great teamwork in helping one another cross the assault course too!


As part of Children’s Mental Health Week Tawny Owls Scarning examined the lavender scented play dough in a variety of ways. The children squeezed the dough and poked the dough using natural resources. They particularly liked using the sticks to transform the dough into some fantastic shapes.

Additionally, the rising 2 children talked about the different emotions displayed on some flash cards. They were able to mimic some of the emotions while exploring the mirrors. Lots of smiley faces

This week Snowy Owls Scarning are doing lots of activities based around Dinosaurs! 🦕 Snowy Owls have recently shown a massive interest in messy play over the past few weeks so we incorporated this today in with our Dinosaurs by adding baby frozen Dino eggs 🥚 in green jelly slime!
Snowy Owls were fascinated by the frozen eggs with dinosaurs in, using construction tools to try and free them! Over the duration of this activity they were able to watch the dinosaurs gradually appear through the ice.
Throughout their play we heard many comments such as “it’s sticky” “it feels soft” “the eggs are cold” “wow, look the dinosaurs”. 🦖🦕
It’s great to see the children getting stuck in and enjoying messy play!

As part of FOOD WEEK our Toftwood Tawny Owls explored different fruits and vegetables such as mango 🥭 kiwi 🥝 sweet potatoes 🍠 strawberries 🍓 and lemons 🍋. The babies were very inquisitive and tried all of them. The least favourite was of course the lemon 😣

Our Scarning Tawny Owls have absolutely loved the sensory farm tray that’s been created for them to explore! The children were practicing their fine motor skills by making marks in the flour with the natural resources and sticks. The children also loved investigating the farm vehicles and animals as part of our weekly topic. As part of this experience our rising 2’s were fantastic at matching the toy animals to the pictures of the animals.