Making the most of the lovely weather at Little Owls Day Nursery

Our Little Owls Nurseries now have very limited places for 2 year old places in September. Be quick if you are interested in securing a place for your toddler.

The beautiful Sunshine

Our Snowy Owls Scarning children have had a lovely time outside in the beautiful sunshine!

In the nature garden the children took part in a frog hunt and found three frogs!

The children were able to talk about the frogs “long legs” and they counted how many they had and said they had “lots of legs” too!

The children each took turns in holding the frogs and they loved seeing how they felt and looked!

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nursery handprints

Sports day

At Little Owls Scarning it’s Sports day!

Our Snowy Owls Scarning have taken part in theirs outside in the nature garden; we created a fun engaging obstacle course for the children to have a go at!

The Snowy Owls had so much fun doing this and did lots of counting and said phrases such as “ready, steady, go!” “Let’s jump!” “Yay, I did it!”

Well done Snowy Owls Scarning

The rest of the children at Little Owls Scarning have also enjoyed engaging in sports day! The Tawny Owls have had lots of fun balancing on their home made assault course, and the Barn Owls enjoyed throwing beanbags in their matching coloured bowls!

Well done Little Owls Scarning, you are all super!!


This morning in tawny owls we have been creating some masterpieces using natural paintbrushes!

The children used lavender, leaves and grass attached to lollipop sticks to create marks!

Well done Tawny Owls

Second sports day of the summer

At Little Owls Toftwood, we have had our second sports day of the Summer!

The children have been having great fun throwing the balls in the hoop, joining in with bike races and playing hopscotch!

Tawny Owls Scarning have had a fantastic time creating lots of loud and quiet sounds with the natural resources such as twigs and logs.

We sang some of our favourite nursery rhymes and the babies enjoyed imitating the sounds and words.

A fun morning had by all!

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Thank you

What a wonderful surprise for our staff team at Toftwood, a beautiful cake bouquet of flowers, delivered as a thank you.

Sensory experience

Our Snowy Owls Scarning have had an amazing sensory experience painting on ice sheets this afternoon!

Our children had a fantastic time doing this activity in their nature garden!

This activity really encouraged and extended our children’s speech and communication which is lovely!

The children were saying phrases such as “It’s cold”, “look, mines red!”, “I like this!”, “look at mine!”, “I’m painting with my hands”!

At our Little Owls Nurseries our little people LOVE sensory play.

What a lovely week our children have had enjoying all things messy.

nursery handprints