An exciting visit, walking round the lake & parents evening

An exciting visit!

Today in Barn owls, we have had a very exciting visit from Ivan, one of our Barn owls new puppy!
We were super lucky to have our Barn owls’ mummy who is a dog trainer bring in their puppy for the Barn Owls to see and learn lots about! To start our visit, we made sure that we sat nice and quietly so that we didnt scare Ivan and once he was comfortable, he came around the circle to see us all and let us stroke him. The children enjoyed saying hello to him and observed lots,
‘he is so soft!’
‘he’s a small doggy’
‘he will get bigger when he grows!’
Ivan then had a cuddle with his mummy whilst we read a lovely story all about how dogs tell us how they are feeling! This was a lovely story which explained to the children super well how to see how a dog is feeling and what to do. Barn Owls enjoyed this story and shared some great ideas about dogs feelings and how we need to give them some space sometimes!
We then said goodbye to Ivan and thank you and enjoyed a group discussion about some of our dogs at home!

At our Scarning setting we are extremely fortunate to be rurally situated; surrounded by fields, horses, sheep and the most beautiful fishing lake!

Our children of all ages enjoy regular walks to and around the lake and to visits the horses with their familiar adults.

Opportunities for children to spot and identify different wildlife, explore the natural environment, collect different natural materials on scavenger hunts, spot farm machinery, benefit from interactive and up close experiences with living things and to learn about and show their awareness of safety around cars and water.
On snowy owls most recent visit to the lake and the horses they enjoyed seeing all the ducks, feeding the horses carrots and watching the tractor on the field.
One of snowy owls favourite stories at the moment is ‘we’re going on a bear hunt’ and many of the children as they walked through the mud were reenacting and reciting familiar words and phrases from the story!
“Squelch squirch”
“It’s slippery”
“I saw a octopus”
“There’s a gruffalo”
“Look fish”
“Quack quack”

Parents Evening

This evening at Toftwood and Scarning,we held our parents evening sessions. This is a wonderful opportunity for families to have an informal discussion on their child’s development as well as their time at nursery. It’s is also the perfect opportunity to share with your child’s key worker any achievements, interests and areas you would like to focus on. It has been wonderful to see and welcome our families to these sessions and we hope you found them beneficial

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