Snowy Owls at Little Owls Day Nursery

Last week in snowy Owls Toftwood, (see more) we are learning all about our favourite stories. Today we have a ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ builders tray. The children enjoyed exploring the different textures and pretending to be the bear.

Barn Owls Little Owls Nursery Scarning

Today at Little Owls Scarning, the Barn Owls (see more) enjoyed making rainbow bagels. The children enjoyed slicing peppers in to chunks and grating cheese, where they discussed the importance of safety when using knives and graters. The Barn Owls then decorated their own bagel which they cooked and enjoyed for the tea time. The children enjoyed discussing what their favourite food is and the colours they could see on their plates!

Tawny Owls Little Owls Scarning

Tawny Owls (see more) have been practising their tiny talk signs. The children have been joining in with ‘who’s in the box’ which is a song we regularly sing at nursery to encourage signing and communication.

Barn Owls Little Owls Nursery Toftwood

We have a beautiful new reading corner in our Barn Owls yellow room in Toftwood. The children have loved exploring their new woodland cosy corner this morning and have been sharing some of their favourite stories.

Barn Owls Toftwood we have been using the interlocking cubes to make patterns. The children have learnt about the different patterns using a variety of colours


Snowy Owls Toftwood’s children have been exploring the weather outside. The children were fascinated with the frozen objects around the garden.


Our babies have had some spontaneous activities such as making a snow collage after experiencing the cold environment in our natural garden! Our Tawny Owls enjoyed feeling the crisp grass and also putting paint to paper creating their own snow pictures, whilst getting their key workers just as messy!

Our Snowy and Barn Owl red classroom have been enjoying the recent snow and it has been the topic of conversation! The children have been exploring the recent weather through their senses in a builders tray and outside. The children enjoyed the different ’crunching’ sounds the snow made under their feet and in their hands. ?❄️⛄️ Well Done Snowy and Barn Owls! ?

In our Barn Owls yellow nursery, the children have taken a particular interest in the daffodils ? on their craft table. The children requested to do some painting and enjoyed painting the flowers. Well done Barn Owls! ?

The Barn Owls Scarning have had a lovely morning baking some oat cakes following on from their ‘Healthy baking’ week. The children enjoyed measuring out the different ingredients and mixing them together, discussing what they could smell, see and feel! Even Batman came along to help, see if you can find him.