What a busy week our Little Owls have had

What a busy but totally awesome time our children have enjoyed at our Little Owls Nurseries last week. A fabulous twilight parent and child yoga🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️ session at our Scarning nursery, Toftwood snowy owls mud kitchen outdoor play space week at our Scarning barn owls, a lovely bear hunt outdoor experience for our Toftwood Tawny’s and finally lovely nature walks for our Scarning Tawnys and Toftwood Barn owls. Next week brings professional nursery photos, mini master chefs👩‍🍳 and autumnal parents and child bags.

Snowy Owls have had lots of fun this evening participating in their Twilight yoga session. We had lots of fun autumnal themed activities such as our pumpkin patch tray, autumn colouring sheets and cinnamon scented playdough! Thank you for all the parents who attended this evening.

Today, snowy Owls at Toftwood have been busy in the mud kitchen making wonderful mud pies. The children have been using the tools to mix the mud and pour using jugs and containers.

This week, Barn Owls Toftwood have been for nature walks in the local environment. Barn Owls have been talking about the leaves changing colour from green to brown. We collected lots of autumn treasures such as confers, acorns, leaves and sticks. We have also been learning how to cross the road safely, using our stop, look and listen code.

To celebrate national space week Snowy Owls have been busy doing lots of fun filled activities such as getting stuck into messy space trays which consisted of tin foil,colourful glitter, colourful pompoms and small world rockets! We even made our own space rockets to fly up to space!🚀 we made these out of junk modelling bottles, colourful paper and lots of lovely craft resources ranging from pipe cleaners to feathers!