Autumn is here

A HUGE interest for Barn owls Scarning are caterpillars & butterflies! They have absolutely loved learning about them, from seeing them outside in the road garden and ticking it off their bug hunt list to watching them grow day by day indoors from a baby caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly ready for release.
Today has been a super special day for the children as the caterpillars they have so wonderfully been looking after have starting coming out of their chrysalis. We now have 5 flapping butterflies that we will release on Monday.
Our curiosity box has been transformed into a caterpillar into butterfly cycle. The box has images of different types of butterflies with their names so that barn can familiarise themselves with the different species of butterflies they may see outside.
The children have all really enjoyed exploring the box and using the magnifying glasses to have a closer look at the real life butterfly that’s inside the box. They have also loved looking at the intricate patterned that each butterfly species has. Barn owls also extended their learning by linking our curiosity box to the story of ‘The hungry caterpillar’, they used their caterpillars toys eat through all the yummy food.
Here are a few quotes from barn owls!
“He’s flapping his wings”
“I like butterflies”
“He has orange on him”
“That caterpillar is long”

This morning our Snowy Owls Scarning have had a super time learning all about Recycling as this weeks theme is ‘Recycling Week!”
The practitioners have created an engaging tray filled with different recycling items and then three recycling bins, one for paper, one for card and one for plastic for the children to learn about separating the items!
The children were fantastic at helping to separate the recycling rubbish and some children explained that they like to help Mummy and Daddy put rubbish in the bins at home too!
“I help Mummy” “this one is paper!” “Rubbish bin” “green one” “which one?”


This week at our Little Owls Day Nursery settings we have been distributing our ‘Autumn walk treasure bags’ to the children. Encouraging children and their families to go on an autumnal walk around their garden, village, local area, woodland or park and collect an array of autumnal treasures that they can bring back into the setting to explore alongside their peers and practitioners.
We can use these treasures for tuff tray set ups, craft activities and group time story sharing experiences; giving the children the chance to explore and investigate these different natural materials.
We would love for you to share pictures with us of your autumn walk adventures on our closed parents Facebook group or on your child’s Tapestry.

Autumn Walk Treasure Bags At Little Owls Babycare In Norfolk (1)
Autumn Walk Treasure Bags At Little Owls Babycare In Norfolk (2)
Today in Tawny Owls Scarning, the babies had an excellent experience in the tuff tray which displayed an array of elements such as hay, logs, leaves and of course lots of farm animals.
Additionally, the babies were compelled by the assortment of textures presented in the tray from the smooth logs to the crunchy hay. A proportion of the babies loved kicking their legs side to side and others preferred to incorporate their little pincer grasp to capture the hay between their thumb and index fingers.
Some of the babies were enchanted by the tractors. This was a great way to interlink some of the agriculture which lots of our families are involved in.
We are very excited to have a special visit for a tractor tomorrow at nursery where we can bring harvest and farming to life.
🌱Nature Week🍃
This week in Tawny Owls we have been exploring a range of natural objects! Today we have been investigating some autumnal coloured play dough. Our Toddlers used pine cones, sticks, leaves and other natural materials to create marks in the dough. They explored the texture of the dough and the materials. Our Tawny Owls were very engaged in this activity and used their senses to explore the objects! Well done Tawny Owls.