Little Owls Day Nursery exciting week. Dinosuars, winter crafts and much more…

Barn Ows at Little owls Day Nursery

Our Barn Owls Toftwood red classroom held their story cafe. The chosen book was ‘Harry and the bucket full of dinosaurs ‘. Our families took part in lots of fun, dinosaur themed activities, such as a dinosaur builders tray, dinosaur frozen eggs, as well as dinosaur craft activities. We hope our families enjoyed their morning! ??

Snowy Owls at Little Owls Day Nursery

This week in Snowy Owls Scarning the children have thoroughly enjoyed carrying out winter craft activities. The children have decorated mittens, made winter snowflakes, finger painted winter bobble hats and lots more.


Little owls Toftwood Snowy Owls

At our Toftwood nursery, our snowy owl children had lots of fun with the parachute. The children played a range of physical games, such as lifting up teddy bears and balls on the parachute, crawling underneath, aiding their understanding of pre-positions as well as fast and slow. Well done Snowy Owls! Looks like you had great fun!

Barn Owls at Little Owls Day Nursery

Our Barn owl children have taken part in their weekly yoga session. The children acted out a range of poses such as the tree and warrior pose. This is also the perfect opportunity for the children to develop their coordination, as well as talk about their families and special memories. Well done Barn Owls!

Barn Owls Scarning Little Owls Day Nursery

In Barn Owls Scarning our topic has been Under the Sea. Our small world area has been transformed in to an under the sea theme with children exploring the different sea creatures. The Barn Owls have also carried out lots of craft activities which are going to be displayed in the reception area, Look out for your little mermaids!