We are still on that bear hunt can we find him?

We continue with the Bear theme...

Funny Grizzly Bears Flat Icon Set

Fictional Bears

The topic this week in Barn Owls Scarning is Fictional Bears!

The children have been busy creating their own ‘Hunny pots’ just like Winnie the Pooh, by painting bubble wrap and printing it on to their pots to create honey comb.

All the children have loved getting messy, whilst also finding it funny when they popped the bubbles in the bubble wrap!

They then extended this further by talking about honey bees, where they went on to create their own bees using pens, cotton wool balls and googly eyes too!

A bear hunt

As part of our continued Bear theme our Snowy Owls have enjoyed getting creative when making their own Bear masks.

The Snowy Owl children will be using their masks to go on a Bear Hunt in the garden

Well done Snowy Owl

Imaginative skills

This morning Snowy Owls have loved outdoor play and have used their imaginative skills to broaden their play.

The children have put all of the chairs in a line and said they made a train to go to the zoo!

The practitioners drew animals on the floor with chalk and the children loved running around the garden and finding the different animals!

This opened all avenues of imagination!

Great playing Snowy Owls

Funny Grizzly Bears Flat Icon Set
Funny Grizzly Bears Flat Icon Set

We are going on a bear hunt!

This week our Snowy Owls Scarning have been focussing on the very popular children’s story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ for their topic!

Our children have taken part in some really exciting activities this week; some of these are ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ story sensory tray, story themed sensory bags, making bear food in the mud kitchen and painting our very own bear faces!

These activities encouraged some fantastic communication and language skills from our children as well as mathematics skills and imaginative skills too!

“Look a bear” “It’s brown!” “Mummy bear and baby bear!” “1.. 2.. 3.. bears”

The children have been taking part in some really exciting bear themed secret projects this week too, these will all be revealed next week…

keep your eyes peeled for some exciting content!

Bear themed yoga

This afternoon in Tawny Owls Toftwood we have been taking part in some bear themed yoga!

We looked through our ‘meddy teddy’ book and tried to imitate some of the poses such as the bear pose and the mountain pose!

Well done Tawny Owls

Funny Grizzly Bears Flat Icon Set

Bear hunts

In both of our Barn Owl Nurseries in Toftwood we have been going on Bear hunts!

The children loved going through all the obstacles to find the bear.

Well done Barn Owls

Next week

Next week in Snowy Owls Toftwood we will be exploring our newly created natural builders tray.

We have added a basket of various animals to give the children the opportunity to add to their play and choose what animals they would like to play with.

This activity will encourage imaginative play as well as sharing experiences with our friends!

We look forward to sharing this with our Snowy Owl children next week.

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