Bubble wands, Tilly the hamster and pancake day.

Today the Barn Owls in Scarning have enjoyed making their own bubble wands in the garden! The children first went on a hunt in the grass garden to find some sticks that they could use as the handle of their bubble wands!
“Look at mine”
“There is so many!”
“I like the little ones”
“It’s so big!”
The children then wrapped pipe cleaners around their sticks and moulded them in to different shapes!
“It’s a bit tricky”
“I’ve done it!”
“Mine is a circle”
“It’s fallen off!”
The children then enjoyed dipping their wands in to the bubble mixture and blowing them to create their very own shapes bubbles!!

Tilly the Hamster visits Toftwood Nursery!

In Barn Owls this week we have been discussing Nursery pets! The children got to choose between a stick insect, fish and hamster! After lots of discussion the children decided they’d love some fish! Following these discussion taking place in Barn Owls we decided to follow this up with a special visitor, Tilly the Hamster!
Tilly visited Tawny Owls, Snowy Owls and both Barn Owl rooms. All the children were so delicate with Tilly and demonstrated fantastic listening skills as they followed instructions on how we handle Tilly. The children loved getting to hold Tilly and look at her cage. The children asked lots of questions like “Does she eat nuts?”, “What does she play with?” And “Where does she sleep?”. They also enjoyed watching Tilly race around in her car! Some children even got the opportunity to feed Tilly some of her favourite treats!
We spoke about what Pets we have at home like Dogs, cats and some children were excited to share how they have their own hamster at home! Some children explained…
“I got a dog Darla”
“I got a tortoise in his house, he called Reggie”
“A cat at Daddy’s house, Pepper”
“A dog called Barney”
“I got two dogs Rudy and Floss and a cat called Wilbur”
“I got a hamster called Harry!”
“My brother has a hamster”
“I’m waiting for our fish!”

Today has been Pancake Day!

This is a very exciting day for all of our Little Owls, and we have carried out lots of pancake day inspired activities today which they have all loved!
They have explored a variety of sensory trays with lots of open ended loose part resources such as flour, sugar, syrup and play dough, alongside different utensils and resources. Snowy Owls and Barn Owls were pretending to flip their own pancakes in the pans.. and they were very good at it too!
We have a lovely pancake tea too, with pancakes and fruit which as you can see from the childrens faces hey enjoyed very much.

This week as it is World Book Day tomorrow (3rd March) our Snowy Owls Scarning weekly focus has been stories! After reading the Bear hunt with a practitioner the children all demonstrated a great interest for this story so today they have loved exploring a “We’re going on a bear hunt” tuff tray
It has included a variety of sensory items such as cocoa powder, icing sugar, flour and water for the children to explore with the bears acting as each page and experience in the book!
Snowy Owls have had a fantastic time exploring this tray and have used their senses to explore, feeling the textures “ooh that’s sticky” “yucky” “it’s cold” as well as their senses of smell too “chocolate! “Yummy!”
As it is World Book Day tomorrow, your Little Owls are very welcome to dress up as their favourite story character – even the grown ups are dressing up!
We can’t wait to see your costumes tomorrow!