Butterfly release day

Today in Barn Owls Yellow it was a very exciting day! Our butterflies have been in their net for over 2 days so it was release day for them.
We headed out under the canopy and carefully opened our net the butterflies were so friendly and climbed onto the fruit to be lifted out and also onto our hands! We talked about how much they have changed and grown from the tiny caterpillars into cocoons then our butterflies! Barn Owls used some lovely encouraging language by saying “you can do it butterfly ,you can fly”
It was a wonderful experience for Barn Owls and was amazing to watch them fly over our heads! Keep a look out for a video of the butterflies flying!
Well done Barn Owls.

Setting The butterflies free into the big Barn Owl garden.
Over the past couple of weeks we have been watching caterpillars grow into butterflies , Barn owls have been intrigued as to what colour their wings would be.
On Tuesday we had a lovely surprise of watching the butterflies hatch from their cocoon
We have been so excited to set our butterflies free today in the garden.