Car wash, library bus, horses and birds!

This morning the weather has been very cold but lovely and sunny so our “Little Owls Scarning Nursery have had a lovely time enjoying the winter sunshine whilst feeding the horses some super yummy apples to help warm them up!

The children were very gentle and loved stroking the horses noses also being very careful when feeding them the apples!
“Horsey, come on horsey!” “Brown horsey” “he’s hungry” “he’s running.

Snowy Owls Scarning Car Wash!

Today our Snowy Owls Scarning have had a super time exploring a car wash sensory tray! This tray includes shaving foam, water and various cars, sponges and cloths to explore their wonderful imaginations using the car wash prop!
This activity allows our children to develop their fine motor and gross motor skills in manoeuvring the different resources, exploring the different textures and smells using their senses!
During this activity it opened up the opportunity for the children to recognise colours “red car” “blue” “green” as well as counting the cars in the tray too “1..2..3..4..5!”
Snowy Owls have demonstrated fantastic turn taking skills in using the car wash and all demonstrated super kind behaviour like the kind and caring friends they all are!
Enjoy car washing Snowy Owls!

Visit from the Library Bus

Today at Little Owls Toftwood we enjoyed a visit from the library bus!
The children enjoyed having a look at the books on offer, picking some out to take to their respective rooms, and giving them to the librarian to scan! We love reading our library books in group time together!
The children used lots of lovely language during their experience such as…
“I pick this one! It Peppa!”
“Big bus!”
“Lots books!”

This week in Tawny Owls Scarning our topic has been all about Winter sensory experiences. Today a few of our babies have enjoyed creating their own snowy Winter tree. They decorated their tree with white paint by using their fingers or a cotton bud. The children confidently dipped them into the paint and made lots of snowy marks on their tree picture. Our babies had lots of fun and were fascinated by the marks they had created.

Birds Nest

This morning in Snowy Owls Toftwood we have been exploring a small birds nest! One of our wonderful parents has bought in the nest, the children loved looking at it and noticing the details of it, like the “leaves” and the “fluffy” insulation in it!
We then enjoyed creating our own nests! Using some sticks from the garden the Snowy Owls loved making their own, adding cotton wool and leaves like the one we saw, and adding some extras too like some paper eggs!