A Parents experience of a care plan meeting at Little Owls

Choosing the right childcare provider is a huge step. We are providers of outstanding childcare in Norfolk. Visit our website or come and visit us and see for yourself.

The Right Childcare Provider

As any parent will know, choosing the right childcare provider is a huge step whether you are returning to work or looking to extend your child’s social experience’s. My son was just 4 months old when I needed to return to work. The first step in his journey at Little Owls started with a care plan with his Key Worker Beth.

First Impressions

First impressions mean a lot and the attention to detail from Beth and the Little Owls team was exceptional. I was met by a beaming smile from Beth who had all of the paperwork we needed ready and organised. We discussed every aspect of my little one and she was genuinely interested in learning about how to meet the needs of my son, making note as we talked to ensure she knew every detail.

As I had the opportunity to write everything down prior to attending the care plan, then discuss, I felt more and more confident that my son would be cared for in the same way as at home. The whole experience was relaxed but very professional. The personal touch of a little teddy as a welcome gift for my baby was really special too.

In the space of an hour my experience transformed my feelings about starting nursery completely. I went from being an anxious mum who felt guilty and nervous about leaving my young son, to feeling confident that he would have his needs met within a wonderful environment. Knowing he would be surrounded by people who genuinely love their job and the little people they are caring for.

Our family is now looking forward to our son starting his settling sessions. I feel secure in the fact that I have not only chosen the best setting for my little one, but the senior leaders within the setting choose the best staff.

Thank you Little Owls!