Celebrating fireworks day

This week in tawny owls we’ve been celebrating fireworks and bonfire night.
One of our biggest interests amongst all of our babies is a sensory play! Our tiniest owls enjoy all things messy and have no hesitation with getting stuck in! So this week we had a shaving foam fireworks tray, with sparkly pipe cleaners and shiny glitter! A little owls scoop the foam and moved it around the tray! They were fascinated by the colours and textures!
We hope you all have a great bonfire night and enjoy all the colours and sparkles too!!

We have had a fantastic morning in Barn Owls Scarning where we have been busy celebrating Bonfire and Fireworks night.
The children have enjoyed making breadstick sparklers, by adding melted chocolate or icing and adding sprinkles! We have also enjoyed making firework pictures using lots of glitter and glue!!
We hope you all catch a glimpse of some fireworks this weekend.

Today in Tawny Owls Scarning we have been celebrating fireworks day. Our babies have enjoyed taking part in lots of fun activities and exploring lots of different textures.
Our babies had fun exploring our red glitter scented playdough and creating different marks in the playdough using their fingers and different natural resources such as pinecones and small wooden logs. We also explored coloured rice and made firework chalk drawings using our palmer grasp and pincer grips.
Some of our babies then enjoyed creating glitter rockets. They spread the glue onto their picture and then sprinkled the glitter onto it. We also had some children paint some bonfire pictures. They used red paint and their fingers to paint their picture. Lots of fun was had.
Lots of sounds and words were repeated when creating their picture such as
We all hope you have a lovely Firework night with your little ones.