Celebrating our harvest

Today at Little Owls Scarning we were all very excited for our in-house visit of a tractor .
The awe and wonder was built up from hearing the initial tractor sounds as it arrived in our car park. The children in barn owls were busily discussing between them selves what colour and brand the tractor might be. The barn owls were excitedly telling the practitioners stories of their experiences with tractors from days out to a farm and seeing tractors on the road in their local community. All of the children were amazed by the tractor, there was lots of discussions on size, colour and the tractor parts.
With our current topic this term of farming and harvest this visit really excited our children and brought their small world experiences to life. The possibilities of being able to extend the children’s learning following this visit is unlimited.
“ I can see a blue tractor”
“It has very big wheels”
“I’m driving the tractor to the farm”
“That’s the exhaust”
“I’m driving on the road”
“Wow it’s amazing”
“It’s bigger than my whole body”
“Beep beep beep”
“I think it’ll be a John deer tractor”
“I went on a red, blue and green tractor at the farm”
drive drive drive all day long.

This week in Snowy Owls Toftwood we have enjoyed doing some junk modelling for Recycle Week!
The Snowy Owls have loved choosing what piece of junk they want to decorate and then had lots of fun adding the glue and glitter to their creations!
They made some lovely things such as “a space rocket” and “big box”!
Great work Snowy Owls.

This week Snowy Owls Scarning are focusing on the topic of Harvest!
Today to celebrate this we have created a Harvest tuff tray filled with a variety of foods that get harvested throughout the year such as carrots potatoes broccoli pumpkins and sweet corn . We have also incorporated soil and straw to allow the children to explore the different textures within the natural features.
Snowy Owls have loved exploring this tray today peeling back the leaves of the sweet corn to discover the corn, hunting for the different sized pumpkins within the straw and picking the heads of the broccoli to plant in the soil
We have also discussed farming throughout the day adding tractors within the tray to make tyre tracks and to collect potatoes in its trailer we have also discussed home experiences of riding in tractors, watching combines in fields and looking back at pictures of our tractor visit at nursery last week!
We would love to see any photos of your Little Owls enjoying Harvest season!
“Awh it’s a little one” “This is a big carrot!” “Look a baby pumpkin” “1, 2, 3, 4, potatoes”
Happy Harvesting.

Today in barn owls we have enjoyed creating leaf faces for our forest school based activity! Barn owls enjoyed using the leaves from some of the autumn bags that our friends have collected on their weekend. We talked about emotions and how we were feeling such as “happy” “tired” “excited” Barn Owls then used their leaves to draw the face that represented how they were feeling today.
Good work Barn Owls.


Today In barn owls we have been reintroducing our library , Barn Owls have been able to look through the selection of stories and choose which book they would like to take home this week!
Barn owls will be able to change these stories as frequently as they wish to enjoy at bedtimes .
Please speak to your key worker for your Barn Owl’s to choose a book to bring home!

Library At Little Owls Childcare In Norfolk
Our Little Owls “ Owlets Community stay and play group” is proving to be extremely popular 🥳
Each week we focus on providing engaging activities and fabulous resources for children up to 2 years old. 😃
It is a great place to meet other parents and make new friends too😍
We are currently at full capacity for this term but if you would like to be added to our waiting list for next term then just drop us a line at the email address below.
We will pop you out a copy of our informative Owlets leaflet and fingers crossed you may be lucky enough to grab a place.