Celebrating Spring at Little Owls

In Barn Owls we have been recently interested in our new garden, exploring the trees and plants around us.

Today we have been talking about a plant life cycle starting from a seed to a flower, we have also taken a lot on interest in ensuring all our plants are watered everyday providing ‘food’ for them.

After observing the plants outside we then came inside to explain our knowledge about plants and even drawing our own life cycle, some Barn Owls explained ‘the sun helps them grow‘, we need to give them water or rain.


Our barn owls at Scarning have loved exploring their delivery of new factual books. These books cover themes and topics which link in with our continuous provision. At Little Owls we incorporate media and literacy within all areas of provision, not just within our cosy story corners, continually providing the opportunities to embed the love of reading within our children.

Barn owls enjoyed exploring these different fact books with their peers and with their familiar adults. These books have created a lot of curiosity and discussions based on the different themes.

This week in Tawny Owls Scarning our topic has been all about Spring. Today our babies have been exploring vanilla flavoured playdough using wooden rollers and different natural resources. They loved creating marks using our wooden rollers by stomping them into the playdough. Our babies also used different natural resources we found in the garden such as flower petals and leaves to press into the playdough. Our babies had lots of fun and what a lovely little activity our wonderful Tawny owl babies enjoyed.