Celebrating transport week

This morning our Snowy Owls have very kindly been over to feed some carrots the horses; Dibs and Barclay! Our Snowy Owl children loved this and were very excited to see the horses back in the field; as were the horses!

Today in tiny Tawnys we’ve been exploring some play dough! As it’s nature week we used leaves and flowers to create marks in our play dough while exploring some creepy crawlies found their way on to table and made lots of marks in our play dough too! The children had a fantastic time poking and prodding with their hands and fingers.

Transport week in Tawny Owls Scarning

This week the babies within Tawny Owls Scarning have had such a splendid experience outside in the road garden. Some of the babies were enchanted by the bikes and cars moving around the environment.
The babies were engrossed by rolling and pushing the vehicles down the wooden ramp. Some of the children’s loved creating lines while other’s counted 1-3 as they released the array of vehicles down the ramp.

Over the past two weeks, the Barn Owls in Scarning have been busy learning all about schools! Today, the children enjoyed listening to the story ‘Topsy and Tim Start School!’. The children then discussed the things they are most looking forward to!
“I can play in the sand!”
“I think they have marbles there!”
“Cars, and the race car”
“I got my name tags.

This week in barn owls we have been creating our own potions for our forest school style activity! Barn owls have enjoyed using scissors and their motor skills to cut the plants and flowers to their desired size, they then added them to their potions pots ready for the next step! They added colour water and learnt about colour mixing too! Barn owls enjoyed shaking their potions pots to mix their potions and enjoyed watching the colours mix! They talked about the different smells they could smell and enjoyed smelling their friends too!! Well done barn owls.