Changes to our interactive environment

Spring is here!

With spring in the air our wonderful Tawny Owl staff team at our Toftwood Little Owls nursery have been busy making lots of changes to the provision for our Littlest Owls 🦉. We have focused areas based on our babies interests and lots areas to explore. ⭐️
How amazing does our interactive environments look for our babies?
Today in Tawny Owls Scarning we have been enjoying our outdoor environment in the lovely sunny weather. We have had lots of fun exploring the sand and water with flower petals. The children were fascinated by the flowers they found in the water. Our babies used their hands and different ladels and spoons to scoop up the sand and water and then had fun watching it fall back into the tub.
We had fun investigating our busy board. They were all memorised by the different latches, door knobs and locks and investigating how things work.
We also made lots of marks on our black board with the different colour chalks holding them with either a palm or pincer grip. They created different marks such as lines.
We had fun developing our physical development by riding the scuttle bugs along with their feet and climbing up and coming down the slide.
We all had so much fun!
As part of our forest school style activities schedule this week our barn owls at Scarning have been creating nature faces with an array of natural materials such as sticks, flower petals, grass, twigs and leaves.
The children enjoyed participating in this activity with Laura. We all looked at ourselves in the mirror; looking at facial features and discussing similarities and differences between ourselves, peers and familiar adults.
Some children wanted to recreate themselves, whereas others created loved ones and some of the children wanted to create ‘aliens’.
This activity helps to develop creating representation of people, what makes us individual and unique as well as prompting childrens thinking and discussion.
“ I have flat hair”
“My eyes are blue”
“I have brown hair like you”
“ I have two eyes”
“These are my ears”
“Do you like it”
“I have a serious face- like this” (child uses a straight stick as their mouth and then demonstrates what a serious face looks like)
“ I am happy”
“Are you happy”
“This is my mummy”
“ I am not making my mummy- I’m making an alien”
All the children were very proud of their creations!
What a brilliant morning the Barn Owls in Scarning have had today where they have enjoyed planting some wild flower seeds in the sunshine! The children were excited to get their hands dirty, prepping the mud for the seeds, which they sewed and watered, ready to watch them grow! 🌸
“It looks like snow”
“I love gardening”
“Digging is fun!!”
“I found a worm”
“Look at the seeds!”