Nursery Information

Operational Times

Our Nurseries are usually both open between 7.30am and 6.00pm for 51 weeks each year, only closing for statutory Bank Holidays and a few days over the Christmas period. We will let you know when these times will be reinstated.

Security & Access into Nursery

This aspect of our nurseries is always at the forefront of our minds and all of our nurseries have their own dedicated  entrances. All entrances are fitted with security systems with additional security systems added to the main gated entrances to the Tawny, Barn and Snowy Owl nurseries at Toftwood and a touch pad telephone intercom system at our Scarning nursery.

Within every external nursery entrance we have bespoke wooden fencing erected to create an additional safe zone which includes an extra security element for the safety and wellbeing of all of our children.​

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Our Nursery is managed by a team of qualified, caring and experienced staff. Within our Tawny Owl baby Nursery we operate to a staffing ratio of 1 member of staff per 3 babies, our Snowy Owl Nurseries operates on a ratio of 1 member of staff to every 4 children and our Barn Owl Nurseries operates to a ratio of 1 member of staff to every 8 children. Within each nursery we employ a supervisor and senior nursery nurse and our all managers are both employed on a  supernumary basis. We are delighted to inform you that the entire staff team employed at both Little Owls nurseries all hold a recognised childcare qualification with a minimum requirement of Level 3 up to Ba (Hons) Degree in Early Childhood Studies.


Our nurseries provide care for our children between the ages of 6 weeks to 5 years old.  When leaving Nursery to commence to school, our parents have the option of placing their children within Hoots, our Breakfast, After School and Holiday Clubs. This is dependent on availability however; Little Owls children receive priority on all bookings.

Literacy Champions

Moving on from our work with Neil Griffiths the creator of the critically acclaimed Story-sack phenomenon and highly popular author of many children’s picture books and educational publications, we have appointed Sharon (Toftwood Deputy Manager) and Laura Edwards (Scarning Manager) to be our Little Owls Literacy Champions. The role of our literacy champions is to inspire, train and resource our nurseries so we are able to deliver literacy within the EYFS to the highest standard.

This includes embedding books within all areas of provision. Ensuring our children have access to different types of literature including non-fiction books to develop understanding that some books carry facts and information. Providing opportunities to engage with different types of text such as Braille, different languages, maps, instructions and menus.

Home Learning

We have lots of ways you can get involved at home. Upload photos or videos to Tapestry of your children enjoying their favourite books and magazines at home. Use small toys or every day items to create imaginative play around a story.

Don’t be afraid to use props or silly voices to create fun and laughter around a book, encourage your older children to suggest a different ending or character.

In every nursery we have weekend bags for our families to enjoy. We also have a book bag and library card for each of our Barn Owl children to broaden their access to different types of literacy through our nursery library. Using this facility is also great preparation for school helping our families to develop the habit of regular reading as well as changing their books.

Refreshments and Menu

At Little Owls we have our main lunchtime meals delivered by Apetitio who are a UK based company established in 1991.

Apetitio provides expertly crafted, award-winning dishes, to schools, nurseries, local authorities and care homes. Aside from the meals all being delicious, what, as a nursery we enjoy most about Apetitio is the confidence and security regarding allergies and intolerances.

Their ordering system ensures that children with even the most restrictive diets can access a huge variety of nutritional dishes. We offer a 3-week rotational menu which can be adapted and changed to meet the needs of all of our children. A full menu is distributed every term to enable our families to visually see what delicious meals are offered for their children on a daily basis.

Parents /staff rooms

We are able to offer parents the use of designated rooms whereby parents who are settling in new or young children are able to enjoy light refreshments or read a magazine before returning to the nursery to be re-united with their child.

Outside Play Area


Both of our nurseries offer outside plays areas consisting of a high quality impact absorbent safety surface, which ensures the highest safety of the children at all times.  At our Toftwood nursery we have a new beautiful preschool area which includes a sensory path, water pump feature, new trees and lots of green space. This is perfect for our older children who love to explore their environment and manipulate and move according to their interests. We also have a reading nook, a place to rest and reflect, and lovely mark making area.  These areas will soon be in full bloom and trees will be full of lushness green

Within our Scarning nursery we have a wonderful outdoor forest style green garden.Children have perspex viewing points in the fence where they can view the horses and wildlife as well as a sheltered wooden music gazebo area and a separate allotment area.

Mud Kitchen

Our mud kitchen can be found at BOTH Toftwood & Scarning nurseries and is a totally bespoke resource designed for our youngest and oldest children. This has been achieved by incorporating different height workstations and a universal timber table and bench for all children to enjoy and utilise. Our mud kitchen includes elements of our children’s much loved role play areas within the nursery but are hugely enriched through the special nature of being outside.

Pre-School Education

During your children’s stay with us at Little Owls our staff will consider the individual needs, interests and different stages of development for each of our children and will use this information to plan challenging and enjoyable experiences in all areas of learning and development. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum where we provide a wide and diverse variety of meaningful enriching experiences for the children to access as well as many opportunities to engage in active learning.Each area of learning and development will be implemented through planned, purposeful play through a mixture of adult and child initiated activities.

Our Nursery aims, assisted by qualified and experienced staff to develop your child intellectually, emotionally and socially for their years ahead at school. Please note that we have produced our own information booklet for parents explaining the Early Years Foundation Stage in greater detail. This pack is provided for each parent, within their Welcome Pack, when their child joins our Nursery.

“The staff at Little Owls Day Nursery work exceptionally well together to provide an outstanding learning environment for the children.” Ofsted 2014.

Little Owls 023The Key Person System

Within all of our nurseries every child will be allocated their own Key Person. Within the Tawny and Snowy Owl nurseries, your key person will be responsible for your child’s day to day routine which includes nappy changes, meals and sleeping times. Your child’s Keyperson is directly responsible for observing your child throughout their Nursery sessions and then updating your child’s Learning Journey accordingly. We hope that the Key Person system will provide you with the opportunity to forge a special working relationship with the staff and give you an invaluable in-depth insight into the progress of your child.

Dedicated Yoga Room

We are pleased to inform you that we have two members of staff who are trained in the practise of Mini Yoga. Recent studies have found that the children’s yoga helps children to release stress and retain more information whilst increasing their confidence. Yoga encourages the children’s capacity to learn and be gentle with each other and to grow strong mentally and physically. WE are delighted to inform you that at Little owls Toftwood we have a dedicated yoga room for all of our children and babies to enjoy.


We are able to offer on site parking at both of our nurseries for easy access into the Nursery buildings.

Toftwood Sensory Room

At our Toftwood Little owls we have created a sensory environment for all of our children to experience. There are so many benefits for children from exploring a sensory room, but in particular, it can help to support our children with special, educational, needs and disabilities (SEND). Our sensory room provides an oasis of relaxation, a place where children can calm and rest and become interested in their environment. It provides the opportunity for children to engage in the more interactive areas, such as, the bubble lamp, the dark tent, sensory mats and light table.

These experiences provide a multitude of benefits for our children with SEND. Sensory rooms are particularly useful in supporting children with varying degrees of additional needs and disabilities. They can help develop visual processing abilities and fine and gross motor skills. The children can explore their different senses and learn how to cope with external stimuli. The calming environment can help to calm distressed and over stimulated children and provide an opportunity for children to learn how to regulate their emotions in a low stress environment.

Our sensory room is equipped with various sensory tools and equipment according to the needs of the children and will be offered to all of our children at both Little Owls settings, whether it be for developmental needs, or to have some time to relax, and enjoy some small group activities.