Tawny Owls

We welcome babies into our Tawny Owl Nursery from 6 weeks to approximately 18 months old.

As parents ourselves, we are highly sensitive to the need of providing a relaxed and loving atmosphere into which parents can leave their most “precious possessions” with us. To support both our babies,toddlers and parents we employ a team of qualified and experienced staff that have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in relation to working with babies. We aim for our Tawny Owl Nursery to be a secure, stimulating and caring home from home environment providing parents with the confidence and peace of mind knowing that their children are receiving the best possible care available.

The routine of our babies days and sessions are very much based on the individual needs of our babies with our babies dictating when they require feeding, changing, stimulating or sleeping.  As our babies develop and become more inquisitive we provide more stimulating and challenging activities, such as arts & craft, sand & water play complimented by stimulating and educational resources. All staff employed within our Tawny owl nursery attend annual save a babies life training which covers vital training on choking,non breathing infants and first aid skills.

Welcome Area

This is the area where your children’s belongings are stored and where your child’s key person welcomes you. This is also where our care plans for the toddlers and parents take place.

Tawny Owls Welcme area Scarning nursery dereham norfolk

Our Youngest Babies

Our Tawny owl nursery has been designed to purely meet the needs of all of our toddlers under the age of two. Within our dedicated baby room at our Scarning nursery we offer a lovely small intimate group where our tiny babies benefit from us only offering a maximum of 12 places.

Our Tiny Tawny Babies benefit from a real home from home environment incorporating a black and white area which offers visual stimulation for our younger babies through optical cognitive development

Our Tawny Owl Environment

Our Tawny owl environment is divided into a variety of exciting areas for our babies to access. This includes a messy area, exploring area, and an imaginative area where we offer imaginative play opportunities to recreate roles and experiences for our children to engage in both focused and adult led activities

We have the benefit of purpose built toilets to aid potty training and private nappy changing facilities.

Tawny owls scarning nursery dereham norfolk

Physical play

Our babies are offered lots of physical play opportunities both inside and outside.

We provide indoor toddle boxes for indoor climbing and a low-level ballet bar for children to cruise. Our Tawny owl’s nursery offers free flow access to both a lovely green spaces garden which includes a mud

kitchen, sun sail for sunshade in the summer months and a separate safety surfaced area with wooden play equipment and a timber framed house for when they become more physical and are ready to explore this environment.

scarning little owls

Learning through play

At Little owls Scarning we provide our babies with a variety of meaningful play opportunities. We strive a love of learning in our children and provide an environment in which our babies can explore their creativity, make choices, challenge themselves and make relationships.

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Sleeping environment

We offer a dedicated sleep area for our babies. Here we provide wooden cots along with cellular blankets and cosy flanellte sheets. We have the facility of an individual curtain which we can draw to provide a more private area for our sleeping babies but also offers peace of mind for staff being able to closely monitor this area.


Are lots of fun in tawny owls. Our dedicated chef adapts all meals to suit your style of weaning whether that be baby led or puree. We offer high quality low level wooden chairs designed for our babies to sit at the table alongside their peers and at eye level of their kepperson whilst feeding. Our tawny owl nursery has its one private kitchen area for the staff team to make up bottles or heat up meals send in from home. During the day, our babies can access breakfast, lunch and tea as well as a morning and afternoon snack.

Childcare Near Norwich Norfolk Little Owls Day Nursery