Childrens Mental Health Week

The children at our Infant Afterschool Club have really enjoyed making their very own feeling jars this evening. They thoughtfully added different coloured glitters, pom poms, oil and water to create their jars. One of our children commented on how it helped to make him feel calm when he held the jar and watched the patterns.

Earlier in the week, our Junior Hoots children were able to explore some wonderful cooking opportunities! They made some delicious pizzas 🍕, making use of a variety of different ingredients. The children enjoyed getting creative and exploring their culinary talents.

It was Children’s Mental Health Week last week.

The children and staff at our Junior Hoots After school took part in a wonderful activity inspired by the overarching theme for the week find your brave.

They sat together and listened to ‘This is Me’, a much loved track from The Greatest Showman Film in which the children currently have a great interest. We discussed as a group how the singer was suggesting she felt and helped each other to understand and accept each other’s differences.

The children and staff wrote down on pieces of paper all of the things they felt they were good at as well as being BRAVE and sharing things they find more difficult.

The children enjoyed sharing with their peers and were able to see that even us grown ups have things we find more difficult but it’s ok when you have people surrounding you that can offer a helping or a listening.

The mental health and well-being of our young people is so important and there are many things we can do day in and day out that support them as they learn and discover within the world around them.

Our children take small brave steps everyday and bravery comes in many shapes and forms. For our children, bravery could be trying something new, asking for help, sharing their worries, thoughts and feelings.

Let’s encourage them to be brave!