Christmas is getting close now!

Do you want to build a snowman?
Today in snowy owls Scarning the children have been making their own snowmen using playdough. They have used their fine motor skills to roll out the playdough, use the cutters (one child even used their gross motor skills using their tummy to press down on the cutter) and using their hands to roll the playdough into balls. The children then used natural resources to make arms, eyes etc. As well as making snowmen, they made their own creations. They have been using their communication and language while playing, interacting with both the adults and their friends, talking about what they have been doing, this also links in with their personal, social and emotional development, working alongside their peers.
Well done Snowy Owls!

Today in Tawny owls Scarning we have been making the most of the fresh winter air while being snuggled and wrapped up in our cosy hats and coats! We all went together as a group and visited the horses. As we got to the field the children said “wow” and “horses” and our rising 2s were able to recognise the colours that were on the horses coat. The children took it in turns with their friends while feeding nutritious carrots to the horses. All of the children absolutely loved taking part in this activity with big smiles on their face while making their way back to Tawny owls room.

In Snowy Owls Toftwood we have enjoyed making our very own snowmen today! We had a wonderful donation of bottles from our lovely Charlotte MacDonald which we have enjoyed turning into snowmen, adding glue to them before sprinkling them with glitter and cotton wool!
We have also enjoyed using the bottles and snowmen to play a game of Bowling! We practiced our coordination in rolling the ball to knock over as many snowmen as we could, counting how many we knocked down!

Everyone at Toftwood were full of Christmas joy yesterday as all the children and staff enjoyed a delicious Christmas lunch cooked by our wonderful Annie and had a visit from a very special visitor
All morning the children eagerly awaited the special visitor and talked about who it could be
Then they spotted the jolly old man outside in the garden. The joy and excitement on their faces was priceless as they all jumped up eager to go and see him.
All the children got the opportunity to greet Father Christmas and ask for a special gift this year.
Before Father Christmas left, all the children sang their special Christmas song they have been learning in their nurseries. He was very impressed.
Needless to say that Father Christmas was very much the topic of conversation for the rest of the day.
Merry Christmas everyone
9 more sleeps to go.

Across our Scarning setting today we have thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas dinner day and a special visit from Father Christmas
The morning across all nurseries was spent engaging in Christmas crafts such as making Christingles and party hats whilst listening to and singing along to our favourite Christmas songs!
“I saw you in Cromer”
“Where is your sledge; is it in the car park”
“Look at me Santa”
“I saw Santa”
“Hello Santa”
“Where is your reindeer”
“I want two baby kittens and a mummy cat- toy ones not real ones”