Communication Champions

We have a passion for developing childrens early speech and language skills. In 2022 Ella and Sharon completed Communication Champions Training and this is used to support children of all ages in both of our settings.

Sharon At Little Owls Day Nursery Near Norwich

By completing the training, our Communication Champions can now;

  • Know how to identify training needs within their setting linked to communication
  • Understand the importance of the environment, staff interactions and activities available for development of communication skills
  • Be confident in assessing children and know what to do should they have concerns
  • Be confident in disseminating information and learning to other practitioners in the setting
  • Understand the pyramid of language development
  • Have considered the role of technology on language delay
  • Recognise the importance of play in language development
  • Be able to identify attention and listening skills and discover ways to help
  • Understand comprehension development and how to help if children are struggling
  • Understand the development of expressive language and how to help if children are struggling
  • Understand children’s speech sound development and identify when to be concerned
  • Be able to confidently use Welcome pack to screen children in their settings