Curriculum Supporting Activities

Here at Little Owls Day Nursery, we value the importance of providing our children with a wide range of experiences to support their knowledge and understanding of themselves, their important role in our community, and the wider world around them. We offer an inclusive environment enables our children to develop their skills and understanding of the world. and gives them a sense of belonging while learning from a range of experts in their field.

What does this look like in the setting?

Each term our staff team create a medium-term plan, the basis of this is formed by our children’s interests, what’s going on in the world around them and what we want our children to know. We also look at opportunities to see if we can narrow any gaps in terms of enhancing children’s cultural capital. Some of our favourite experiences over the last year have included hatching chicks in an incubator then caring for them, exploring a fire engine, observing the process as caterpillars grow into butterflies, visiting local points of interest such as the parks shops and library.

Is there an extra charge for these experiences?

No, all additional in-house experiences are covered by the setting.

Here is an extensive list of what experiences our Little Owls have enjoyed in the last couple of years:

  • People who help us including police officers, fire officers, paramedics
  • Lamb visit
  • Tortoise visit
  • Tractor visit
  • Monthly visits to Eckling grange retirement home
  • Mini monster road show (reptiles and amphibians)
  • Hatching eggs
  • Caterpillars to butterflies
  • Santa visit
  • Trips to our local community ponds, lake, horses, garden centre & convenience shop.
  • Bus visit
  • Monthly library bus visits
  • Owl & eagle visit
  • Mini first aid
  • Trips to the parks (toftwood)
  • Author and illustrator visits
  • Sports coaches
  • Guinea pig visit