What a busy week we have had

This morning in Snowy Owls they have enjoyed exploring a texture tray using their sense of ‘touch’. Using their hands and feet the children exploring a variety of different textures including shaving foam, sand mousse, flour, leaves, gel and sponges. Lots of the children used words such as cold, soft and slippery to describe what they could feel.
Well done Snowy Owls!

The Barn Owls Scarning enjoyed a visit from Johnny Jaffacake!! The children did not stop belly laughing from start to finish, and all enjoyed the show!

Barn Owls Toftwood have enjoyed playing with our new dinosaur cable reel within our small world area. The children have been using their imagination to build up a narrative or storyline within their play. Well done Barn Owls

This week our Tawny Owls at Scarning have enjoyed some time cooling down after enjoying the sunshine with some Well-being Yoga. We enjoyed experiencing a multi-sensory focussed activity practising time to reflect and calm our breathing down!

This week our Scarning Tawny Owls are exploring sea creatures: today the children have explored these animals in blue shaving foam. They enjoyed making marks with the animals, utensils and their hands and feet.

Tawny Owls Toftwood had a special snack today to celebrate our children who are moving up to our Snowy Owl nursery next week. The staff team in Tawny’s have thoroughly enjoyed helping them grow and develop and wish them all the best when they move up to their new nursery!