Dinosaurs, Maths and Nursery rhymes

Snowy Owls Scarning had a room move around in preparation for our September transitions!
We have looked at the current and new Snowy Owls interests and based the room changes on this; we have developed a new loose parts area where the children can explore lots of natural parts using their fine motor skills to make arrangements as well as developing mathematics skills when counting the parts!

Our Toftwood Snowy Owls have a keen interest in dinosaurs recently, so today we have enjoyed playing in a Sensory Slime Dinosaur Tray!
The Snowy Owls were very intrigued by the feeling of the slime, describing it as “wet”, “green” and “cold”, and had lots of fun using the dinosaurs to stomp the slime, causing it to make funny noises, and splash everywhere!

This week in tawny owls toftwood we’ve been focusing on some of our favourite nursery rhymes! We’ve had a Old McDonald farm, we’ve explored a 5 speckled frogs sensory tray and we’ve spent lots of time singing our favourite songs too! Today we created some buses to link to ‘wheels on the bus’! We discussed how many wheels the bus had and enjoyed singing the song afterwards too! Well done Tawny Owls.