Little Owls Day Nursery Early Active Years Nomination

Early Active Years Nomination!

I think as parents our lives are busy, we are all balancing a hundred and one things whilst trying to make the right choices for our children.
We are all guilty of setting up at Netflix marathon of Paw Patrol to get the washing done, or to buy us 20 minutes of peace after a long night and an early wake up from the sleep thieves’.
In recent years and numerous government campaigns we all know the importance of being active with our little ones but sometimes it is just hard to fit in everything you are recommended to do.
I mean I am not sure about you, but Elijah and his brother have no problems in being ‘active’, they can clear a cupboard out at their Nan’s that they shouldn’t be in quicker than you can get up off the chair to stop them. But I have no ideas when it comes to what is good for them to do to be more active.
One of their favourite games to play is running around in circles until they both get so dizzy they fall over and one or both normally gets hurt.
Early Active Years Pack
You may have remembered a while back we tried out the fantastic Early Years Active pack that Little Owls put together after mangers Tiffany and Holly training completed the Early Years Active Training.
It provided us with everything we needed to get more active at home, in which you didn’t need any equipment or much space and it we all enjoyed it, even Harlow who couldn’t walk yet!
We take it for granted that when we send our little ones to nursery that they do an amazing array of activities that help teach and promote healthy choices but actually it is because of the dedication and effort of the staff who go off and study, train and implement these activities.
At the end of last year Tiffany and Holly spent a considerable amount of time looking into the worrying statistics of Norfolk’s growing obesity problem in young children.
It isn’t a coincidence that there is a physical room in each part of the nursery or that the staff know the difference between being ‘active’ and sport it is because of the sheer amount of time that has been put in to embed this into everyday life at the nursery.
I love hearing about all about what yoga poses Elijah does and when he tired to teach me to do them too!
Or how he tried a new food because of the variety that is offered to them and because the staff take the time to sit down and teach them all about healthy food choices.
From den building to bug hunting, treasure hunts the nursery make sure the children are all active every day by giving the children new and engaging experiences every day.
Stay and Play
I also love the varied stay and plays that are on offer than get us as parents involved and inspired to be more active as well, especially when you see how much they enjoy it.
Seeing some of the things Elijah gets up to via Tapestry also encourages is a family to go out and do something different, like going on a bear hunt in the woods, or making an obstacle course in the living room!
To me, it is important that Elijah is active as I know this will benefit his health vastly as well as educating him on why this is important now.
Sometimes it can be easy to not think about what goes on behind the scenes but there really is so much work, planning and dedication that goes on at Little Owls.

It isn’t just myself that believes this, as Little Owls is also up for an award in the work they have done in the Early Years Active front which takes place at the Open in Norwich on Wednesday 14th November in which Tiffany and Hayley will be attending.
I am sure you will agree with me that this is thoroughly deserved in the work the nursery does to keep our little ones active (and wear them out for us to get a good nights sleep!) as well as also educating us in how we can carry on this fantastic work at home (sorry Paw Patrol).
Good luck Ladies and I don’t know about you but cannot wait to see the pics of the night! ( photos will be displayed on facebook after the event to show off the glamorous management team)

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