Enjoying everything Spring has to give

Today in Tiny Tawnys in Toftwood our babies have been busy creating some ribbon wands!

Each child picked out which lovely colour they wanted to use. Then with help from a practitioner , they pulled the ribbon through!

We then made a knot in the ribbon so we could use them for our music and movement session.

This week in tawny owls we’ve been exploring all things under the sea we’ve been exploring lots of water play and enjoyed splashing around making puddles!

We created some bubble wrap printed turtles too!

The children all had individual bits of bubble and enjoyed dabbing it on the paper to create marks!

We added glitter and googly eyes too!

This week Snowy Owls Toftwood have been focussing on the topic of Health and Wellbeing Week, with lots of fun activities, including making some sock puppets!

Puppets are a great tool to enhance children’s emotional and social development as well as encouraging speech skills!

Using some stickers and googly eyes we had lots of fun adding features to our sock puppets, and deciding how our puppets are feeling, as well as using them to talk about our own emotions too!

In barn owls we love playing hide and seek so this week we have extended this by building dens to create more places to hide.

We used our den building materials and tied them to the fences and used different props from around the garden to help build them.

This week, the Barn Owls in Scarning have focused on the topic of Transport! The children this afternoon have been busy exploring the junk modelling box, to see what vehicles they could create using a variety of mixed materials!

We had some creative outcomes, including a rocket and a car with 8 wheels too!!

In Barn Owls Yellow today we have enjoyed taking part in some spring themed yoga as part of our forest school based activities.

Barn owls thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the spring yoga in our new sensory garden. Barn Owls firstly talked about different things they associate with spring they said “flowers, lambs, sunshine and clouds”

Barn Owls then copied yoga poses that resembles spring they started as seeds, turned into seedlings and grew into big flowers! Barn Owls also completed the yoga moves for chicks, lambs, sheep and cows.

Enjoying the sunshine.

In Tawny Owls Scarning today, our babies have loved exploring outside in the sun. They all participated in a range of activities from water play, cooking in the mud kitchen, going down the slide and exploring the animals and cars.

The babies loved feeling the cool water on their hands and seeing what sea animals they could find.

Our younger tawny’s enjoyed creating sounds using the shakers and rattles. They loved smiling and dancing away to the sounds they could hear.