We were all very excited for our tractor visit

Little Owls Scarning and Toftwood were all very excited for our tractor visit.

Barn Owls enjoyed looking at all the different parts of the tractor, showing particular interest in the horn. There was lots of discussions on size,shape and colours.

Snowy Owls were all fascinated by the size of the wheels and the loud engine sounds!

‘’it’s big like me”
“I have a blue and red tractor”
“I don’t have a tractor, my daddy has a van”
“It’s blue”
“Chug chug”

To extend this experience and their learning further the children explored the tractors in the construction area in the garden!

Our children were very excited to see a tractor 🚜 and enjoyed exploring the tractor. They had lots to talk about following on from the visit including comparing their parents vehicles with the Tractor “my daddy’s wheels are small, this is a big wheel”.

I would like to thank the Kiddle family for this experience.