Exploring nature with bugs and insects

Today in tawny owls toftwood one of our friends brought in a book all about bugs! We’ve been fascinated by bugs this week so of course we were all very keen to look through, the children turned the pages themselves and searched for the various bugs! Some of our favourites were spiders and bees, we were also very interested in the stick insects! Together we spoke about how many legs the bugs had and what colours they were! How fascinating!

The Barn Owls in Scarning have had a wonderful time exploring the loose parts tray this afternoon. This has been a great way for the children to explore their imagination, creating their own scenes, scenarios, objects and people!
“I have made a snowman”
“Can I make a fire?”
“It feels a bit bumpy”
“It’s a dinosaur egg ”
“I’ve made a burger”
“Look at my tower!!”

This week in tawny owls toftwood we’ve been interested in bugs and insects what better way explore bugs than getting messy!! We have thoroughly enjoyed investigating gloop today with lots of bugs to explore to! We took some time to observe the way the gloop looked before being super brave and reaching forward to touch the gloop! What an amazing sensory experience well done Tawny Owls!

Today in barn owls Yellow as part of our forest school style activity we have been shadow drawing! Barn owls chose the different items that they wanted to draw the shadows of, they chose; a plant, some shapes, an Owl, a sheep and a person! Barn owls then explored where the shadow was the biggest whilst placing it on the paper ! We talked about the simple concepts of physics and how a shadow is made when something blocks the light and how shadows won’t appear without light! Barn owls really enjoyed this activity and created some great pictures and shapes!

To show our support to India, the Barn Owls in Scarning have been decorating their very own elephants. They used glue to stick on multicoloured sequins, glitter and tissue paper. They all enjoyed talking about what personality traits their elephants will have and visually seeing carnival elephants on the tablets.
This activity was great for sensory exploration, colour recognition and also helped support the fine motor skills. Here are a few quotes from the children:
“My elephants is funny”
“I’m going to use red glitter”
“I like elephants”
“My elephants is big”
“Wow that’s pretty”

Today in Snowy Owls Toftwood we have been joining in with our Nursery India Day!
In Snowy Owls we have spent some time decorating some India themed pictures, using a variety of materials! We enjoyed adding green glue to our pictures before popping on some orange tissue paper and sparkly white glitter!

We have enjoyed dancing to and listening to bollywood music and our thoughts have been with India whilst we’ve celebrated their country today.

Following on from our special” Little Owls Indian Day” on Tuesday we have today donated £315 to the “Unicef for every child India appeal”.
These donations have been raised by the nursery donating all proceeds from Tuesdays cooked lunches to this appeal.
This will hopefully go someway to supporting Indian families and children to gain vital access to medical supplies,vaccinations and testing equipment.