Favourite stories

This week in Snowy Owls Scarning we are focusing on the topic of our favourite stories! Recently in Snowy Owls we have created a lovely cosy area and to enhance this we have added some continuous provision story shelves which fits in perfectly with our current topic!
Snowy Owls have shown a real interest in a variety of stories both in house and via the library bus recently so for our story shelves we used this opportunity to focus on seasons and weather changes just in time for Autumn!
Each shelf has a focused story with open ended resources for the children to freely access ranging from wooden animals and weather peg dolls, sensory bottles, natural resources and much more!
Snowy Owls have really enjoyed the new cosy area exploring the shelves, repeating phrases and scenes from familiar stories and sharing home experiences with their peers and familiar adults.
We would love to hear what stories you really enjoy at home with your families.

Barn owls have enjoyed taking part in an outdoor yoga session, despite the rain! Barn owls discussed what they could see around the garden , they said “flowers”, “bikes”, “houses” and “clouds”. Barn owls then talked about the lifecycle of a flower whilst doing different yoga poses resembling eachThe new step! They did a seed pose, a growing pose and a flower pose! Barn owls then talked about the different animals they may see in the garden, they said “frog “ and “butterfly “ and did poses for each! Well done Barn Owls.

Today we had a full sensory experience
In tawny owls today we had lots of fun and inviting activities laid out on our table to investigate! This included gloop, shaving foam, paint and bubble wrap! The children had lots of fun moving around the table experience a range of different ways to use their senses and explore different materials!
We used lots of different words such as “bubble” and “pop” as well as describing the colours we could see too! Amazing investigating tawny owls.

To kick start our brand new term of forest school style activities Barn Owls have been enjoying playing the honey bear game!
This game involves one of the Barn Owls laying in the middle of the circle pretending to be a bear. Their “honey” gets taken by one of their peers and they have to ask each person if they have it. This helps promote confidence in talking in front of new peers and also learning their new peers names! This game is a firm favourite with our Barn Owl children and we have been excited to teach it to all our new starters!

This week our Snowy Owls Scarning room have had a revamp of the cosy reading area – making it into an enchanted reading forest!
Our Snowy Owls have loved exploring the stories, reciting their favourites to their friends and even their teddies too!
They have also loved investigating the musical instruments during singing songs at group times!
“Wow! It’s a forest!” “That’s a huge tiger!” “Look, sparkly lights!”

At Little Owls Day Nursery we love to read and explore books. We continue to embed the love of reading within our children who attend the setting through a variety of different means. We have literacy in all areas of provision, we have on offer a wide variety of story sacks, we have a reading owl within each room which the children have the opportunity to take home with a story of the week to share with a family member at bedtime, we have lending libraries for the children to access stories to borrow and return once they have read to swap for a new story.
We also have the local mobile library bus visit us once a month and this is a firm favourite amongst all the ages of children who attend the setting. They get very excited walking out and climbing on board the bus! Children are encouraged to choose media of interest to them, explore the books with their familiar adults and peers and then sign them out with a “beep” with the librarian and then bring them back into the setting to share altogether.
“I love peppa pig”
“Will you read this with me”
“I need to find a train book”
“I need the giraffe mat”
“It’s a monster”