Forest School style activities – Snow!

Today as part of our Forest School style activities we took advantage of what nature provided for us……SNOW!

Playing in the snow provides children with unrestricted and endless opportunities to stimulate their play, learning and physical development.
The children got creative in many ways. We tried to build a snowman but the snow wouldn’t stick together. “It’s too fluffy” they said. Later in the day we managed to build one. The children used various natural resources to add features to their snowman.

We explored colours with snow painting. The children mixed colours by dropping different paints on the snow, watching how it changed the snow, got bigger and made different colours. “I made purple” “ look the snow’s not white anymore”

The children made snowballs of different sizes, comparing each other’s sizes and using language of size. They had a go at rolling them down a pipe. “It won’t roll, it’s got stuck on the snow”

We used sticks as natural pencils to make marks in the snow as well as our footprints looking size and different marks we see. Lots of learning and fun in the snow today. Well done Barn Owls