Friendship and families

We love pretend play in tawny owls, from our smaller babies to our toddling tots!
Our role play kitchens are always available for our tawny owls to explore; they freely and independently play, using their imagination to cook, mix, clean and more!
The baby dolls are a favourite too, our oldest tawnys are so caring with the babies. They rock and feed the babies so lovingly.
Roleplay helps to develop imagination and communication; today we heard words like “mix”, “pots” and “baby”

Today in Tawny Owls Scarning, some of the babies have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in a wonderful activity of bathing the babies.
Following on from our theme of the week “friendships and families” and our children’s interest of playing with the dolls within role play experiences. The children loved getting involved and exploring the bubble filled water by splashing the water, scooping up the bubbles and blowing them and using the flannel provided to wash the baby demonstrating how well they can take care of them.
Our babies had so much fun throughout this activity with lots of smiles and giggles!
Well done Tawny Owls lots of fun had by all.

Following on from last week’s Barn Owl Red Forrest School activity, we have been distributing the bird feeders that we made across the garden!
The Barn Owls decided that a good place for the bird feeders would be the trees so that the birds can see them!
We spoke about what food birds like and where they might find food in the wild; in the dirt and in farmer’s fields!
Whilst being outside, the Barn Owls realised that they could see their own breath since it was so cold.

This morning in barn owls we wrapped up warm and headed into the garden to create binoculars! Barn owls enjoyed using their creative thinking to create the binoculars using glue and cello tape to stick together tubes. Barn owls then decorated their binoculars using sequins, glitter and Pom poms. They then enjoyed looking through their binoculars and found birds, trees and street lights! Well done barn owls.

The Barn Owls in Scarning have had a fantastic morning with Holly, who shared a special story with the children ‘What makes me, a me’. The story led to discussions of how we are all unique, such as our hair colour and length! The children then enjoyed a focused activity, of decorating a template, of how they see themselves, and discussed all the things they like and enjoy!
We had lots of great artwork, showcasing the individuality of each child, and we loved discussing their favourite things too, for example “I like spicy sweets” and “I love my mummy and nanny!”
Thank you Holly for your time, the Barn Owls loved it!

Today our children in barn owls Scarning have enjoyed making dream catchers; to capture their memories in reflecting their own dreams and sleep experiences.
This activity also allows the children to enhance their fine motor skills using the string to thread through a selection of holes to create their design.
“ I have cat dreams”
“ I am great at sewing”
“This is cool”
“I did it”
“Can I have pink please”
“I dream of dinosaurs”
“I dream of unicorn”
What a lovely activity for our children to discuss their dreams and imaginations.

Frosty Fun in the Mud Kitchen
Today Snowy Owls Toftwood have enjoyed exploring the mud kitchen! We utilise our bespoke mud kitchen in all weathers, creating some of our favourite foods!
The children enjoyed pouring the water into their pans of mud, combining them to make various tasty treats, such as “pasta” and “ice cream!”
The Snowy Owls were also particularly intrigued by the frost that coated the table, using their fingers to mark make in it, as well as some of the ice in the pretend sink!