Getting ready for Easter

Ready for Easter!

The children enjoyed looking high and low for their eggs, in places like plant pots and behind tyres!
They were very creative in finding ways to hunt, like using their coats to become superheroes and writing up treasure maps!
Barn Owls Red were very proud of themselves after finding their prize, telling us “I’m so happy I found an egg!” and “I knew I would find one with my super eyes”.
Well done Barn Owls! We can’t wait for more Easter celebrations.

The Barn Owls in Scarning have loved going on an Easter Egg hunt today in the garden to find the hidden eggs! The children were so excited to go on a hunt and were even more excited when they spotted an egg hiding!
“I’ve got one”
“It’s in there”
“Where are they hiding?”
“Look at my egg!”
“I found a pink one!”
The children then worked together to make sure everyone found an egg each, by holding hands and hunting around more tricky hiding spots!
Great teamwork Barn Owls.

Planting tray

This week as the weather is very wet and rainy this gave us the opportunity to speak with Snowy Owls about what the flowers and plants need to grow!
Snowy Owls have been exploring a sensory planting tray with soil, tools to explore with and also various artificial flowers, fruits and veggies cut into smaller pieces to investigate!
Snowy Owls have been using the gardening tools to explore the soil and then used their hands and fingers to explore the textures of the fruits and vegetables!
This activity sparked lots of lovely meaningful conversations about which foods the children enjoy at home with their families! “I like carrots!” “I have apples at home!” “that one has 2 seeds” “it’s like an orange!”
Well done for your great exploring and noticing of details Snowy Owls!


This morning in Snowy Owls Toftwood we have been learning all about tadpoles!
The children first listened to a lovely story about tad the tadpole who grew up to be a beautiful frog! We then had fun exploring our pond themed builders tray before heading outside to see our real life tadpoles!!

Library Bus Visit

This morning at our Toftwood nursery we had a special visit from the library bus! A group of children from each room got to go onto the bus to choose books they wished to read! These will be read a group time over the coming weeks!

Following on from our visit to the library bus at Toftwood, some of the children in Barn Owls decided to play ‘libraries’.
They chose the props they wanted to use to support their role play and one child took on the role as “the library lady”
We made some tickets to give to the library lady when the children chose their books .
The children all chose books from the book corner and took them to get stamped.
“Welcome to the library bus”
“What book would you like to choose”
“I chose this book”
“Can I have this one please”
“You have to line up “
“I’ve scanned these ones”
“Here’s my ticket”
“I’ll stamp your ticket”
“Come back soon”
An excellent example of children engaging in pretend play and extending their ideas based on first hand experiences.
Well done Barn Owls.

We set up a lovely story crate based on the Owl Babies story following on from the children’s interest in libraries and story books.
The children expressed their interest in the area.
“That looks pretty “
“The Owl babies were sad cos mummy Owl went away and left them on their own”
“I like the Owl babies’
“Aww look at the baby Owl she’s so cute”