Goodnight Moon, Exploring the guitar & Our Mini Artists

Goodnight moon

One of our core books this term in snowy owls is goodnight moon. This has become a firm favourite among our little ones at Scarning which they enjoy reading with their familiar adults under the twinkly lights in our cosy area.
We extended the children’s learning opportunities by going outside to star gaze and try and spot the moon. We wrapped up warm and headed out into the garden with our binoculars. The children searched the sky looking for the moon and the stars.
“It’s dark”
“I go bed when it’s dark”
“It’s there”
“I can see it”
The children were very excited to tell their parents/guardians about trying to find the moon and stars when they got collected that evening.

Exploring the guitar

This afternoon in Tawny Owls the children have liked an interactive music session with the guitar! The children have listened as a practitioner played a tune on the guitar and sang along to nursery rhymes. The children then explored the different sounds that the guitar made by tapping on it and strumming the guitar. The children liked this experience! Well Done Tawny Owls

Our Mini Artists

Today in Snowy Owls Toftwood we have used our artistic potential and created beautiful mini canvases for our creative display. Snowy Owls used their creative skills to carefully paint a mixture of colours on their canvas, expressing themselves using big and little brush strokes.
This links beautifully with our core book ‘The Dot’. The Dot is an inspiring story which encourages children to be creative, expressive and to believe in their artistic potential. It also inspires children to overcome self-doubt and find joy in the process of creating art.
Well done Snowy Owls