Halloween fun!

What a fantastic day we have had across the whole nursery here at Little Owls Scarning!
The children have all been busy engaging in Halloween themed activities including pumpkin carving, exploring messy play, pumpkin play dough, dancing to Halloween songs and also taking a trip on the library bus!

We have all had a ‘spooktacular’ day!!

Happy Halloween from us all! This week our topic in Snowy Owls Scarning is Halloween, and the children have been taking part in various Halloween inspired activities.
The children have really enjoyed painting pumpkins, creating their own pumpkin faces using various coloured paints, talking to us about the colours, size of the pumpkins, the texture and about facial features, and then using paper to cover the pumpkin and printing their face onto the paper.
The children have also been investigating the inside of the pumpkins, they have been using their gross motor skills to scoop out the flesh and seeds with spoons and scoops. They also used their fine motor skills when some children added the plastic tweezers into the mix and started to pick the seeds up using them. The children also added other items to the activity such as dinosaurs, natural objects and orange tissue paper (which they used to cover up and wrap up the pumpkins). The children have also been using their senses during this activity, and have used words like “yuk”, “Ew”, “smelly”, “slimy” and “wet” to describe the texture and smell of the pumpkins.
To further this activity we will be making Pumpkin soup tomorrow, adding coloured water and other resources.
The children have been doing some fantastic learning this week, well done Snowy Owls.

Potion making

Today in tawny owls we have been practicing magic by creating some floral potions
We used leaves, flowers and ‘magic powder’ to produce our fantastic creations
By mixing together the different colours and Ingredients we made bubbles which filled our room with happiness and smiles
Our tawny owls had so much fun creating our potions, well done!

Happy Halloween

Today in Tawny Owls Scarning, our babies have had a spooktacular time exploring and creating our very own pumpkin
They each took turns one by one to explore the inside of the pumpkin using their hands and spoons to see what they could feel and see.
Some of the children used words such as “sticky” and “hard” to describe how it felt on their fingers. They were also able to repeat words such as “spoon” and “seeds”
We look forward to hearing and seeing what you get up to over the Halloween weekend!
Happy Halloween from all of us in Tawny Owls Scarning.

Today, Snowy Owls Toftwood have enjoyed their annual Halloween Party! We have had loads of fun exploring lots of spooky activities such as Halloween colouring, a creepy cobweb and pumpkin tray, and some slimy, gooey jelly!
We have also been dancing to lots of Halloween songs, and this evening we have enjoyed our Halloween party tea!

This week in Snowy Owls Scarning we have been very busy getting creative and making the best use of our baking skills whilst sticking to the theme of Halloween!
Throughout the week we have been baking and decorating a variety of special treats however our favourite activities has been our ice cream cone witches hats and spooky finger biscuits!
To decorate our witches hats we used melted chocolate to drizzle across our ice cream cones, once we had done that we then chose from a variety of sprinkles to decorate our hats! The dinosaur sprinkles were our favourite we then popped our hats in the fridge to cool and then took these home for our families to enjoy!
Today we decorated some finger biscuits, for these we used spooky coloured icing to scoop up and pour on to our biscuits with a spoon, again we then chose our favourite sprinkles and popped these on top to finalise them. Snowy Owls were very lucky and enjoyed these for morning snack with some fruit
Whilst participating in these baking activities Snowy Owls used several skills such as pouring, mixing, using fine motor skills when handling sprinkles. We also participated in self care by ensuring our hands were thoroughly washed before and after our baking activities!
Finally we held lots of conversations whilst getting creative such as;
“I’m using Dinosaur sprinkles”, “This is my hat”, “I love chocolate”, “These are yummy!” “My hat and biscuits are so colourful”
We have had so much fun focusing on the topic of Halloween this week and can’t wait for our Halloween party tomorrow! We would love to see some Halloween bakes that you have made or will be making over the weekend on tapestry or in the comments below.