Happy Valentines Day!

Winter Olympics in Tawny Owls

This week in Tawny Owls we’ve been focusing on the Winter Olympics! The children have enjoyed different activities each day like ball games, a winter tray and creating the Olympic rings using toilet roll! Another activity the children enjoyed was mixing the Olympic ring colours in our builders tray! The children were really engaged during this activity and loved mixing the colours together. The children also demonstrated their counting skills as they counted along as they made marks in the paint! We also pointed out what colours we could see before and after we mixed the paint.

Sensory tent!

This week in Tawny Owls Scarning they have been rather exhilarated by the sensory tent which consisted of an array of lights and mirrored resources for all their senses.
The babies were thrilled to discover the light up wands and balls, watching in amazement at the twinkling lights flutter in a range of ways. Some of the older children excitedly exclaimed what colours they could see from red to blue, while our younger children incorporated their fine motor skills to squeeze and mould the balls between their hands.
As you can tell from their bright beaming faces, they all thoroughly enjoyed this sensory experience.

Happy Valentines Day

Today, Snowy Owls Toftwood are enjoying taking part in some fun valentines themed activities!
We have enjoyed decorating some beautiful hearts, and using this opportunity to talk about the things we love and people who are special to us, such as “my baby” and “daddy”
We have also enjoyed exploring some heart sensory oats, using brushes to make marks and draw pictures of our special people!
Well done Snowy Owls, and Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Happy Valentines Day from us all here at Little Owls!

Our Little Owls Scarning have all been feeling the love today exploring different sensory, craft and baking experiences together!
The children have enjoyed some biscuit making, biscuit decorating, and lots of valentines crafts and cards!
Valentine’s Day has given us the perfect opportunity to speak with the children about who they love most, some of their responses were “my Mummy!” “I love my Daddy!” “My baby sister!” “I love my Cat at home!” “I love my Nanny!”
Enjoy the rest of your day.