Hoots holiday club

Hoots Holiday Club

Our After School and Holiday Clubs have different identities, as our Holiday Club is operated on an “ad-hoc” basis. All children are welcome to attend Hoots during the school holidays whether or not they access one of our breakfast or after school clubs. If you would like your children to attend our holiday club please contact us and we will then ensure that you will automatically receive a copy of our reservation form for all future school holidays.
Holiday Club reservation forms detailing planned activities, trips and visits are distributed approximately 4 weeks prior to the school holidays.

Staff have an excellent understanding of children’s developmental needs. Ofsted 2016

In cases of limited spaces for trips or visits etc our After School Club and Breakfast Club children receive priority bookings followed by our full time Holiday Club children, we then we offer spaces on a loyalty basis before offering any additional spaces on a first come first served basis.

Staff maintain a fully inclusive practice where children of all ages and abilities play harmoniously together. Younger children feel empowered to learn from the older children, which helps them to quickly learn new skills and gain new experiences. Ofsted 2017

Our holiday club operates from Toftwood Infant School from 8.00am – 6.00pm each day. Although in normal circumstances, care from 7.30am can be provided at Little Owls. We will let you know when this is re-instated.

Activities at the Holiday Club

Our objective at the holiday club is to provide a fun, relaxed and stimulating environment for the children in our care. The Hoots staff will plan a range of activities to ensure that the children are able to enjoy a wonderful break from school. As well as providing an excellent service to working parents, we are able to offer an environment which enables children to engage in activities and projects not always possible within their own homes. We are confident that children who attend Hoots will go home with tales of the activities they have enjoyed, friends that they have made and the fun that they have had.

“Children build exceptionally secure bonds with the warm and caring staff. Staff are astutely aware of children’s individual characteristics and provide targeted support to ensure children feel safe and happy.” Ofsted 2017

During the school holidays, we offer a varied range of internal visits. In the past Hoots have enjoyed a wide range of in-house visits such as Banham Zoo, Janel’s Music Academy, Mini Monsters Roadshow, Elite Training, Street Dance Club, Jaya Bollywood Dance, the clay barn,the Police, Norfolk Falconry and Soccer Schools. Our Hoots parties at Halloween, Christmas and the end of the summer holidays also prove very popular. In addition, we also offer a range of arts and crafts, games, sports and equipment for the children to enjoy over the holiday period, details of which are provided in the reservation forms.