How to make leaf crowns

Good Morning Everyone, this morning we are going to be making leaf crowns. what you will need is some leafs, glue, sissors, card/paper. Follow the steps below to become a king/queen and have your very own crown.

Step 1 – Collect all the main materials you will need to create your crown, petals,flowers,leaf’s and glue, card or paper and a pair of scissors.

Step 2 – Make the strip/band to go around your head.

Step 3 – Spread glue on the band and begin to place your petals, flowers and leafs on the band.

Step 4 – Wait for this to dry.

Step 5 – fix the band so it stays around your head.

step 6 – Show us a photo of your creation bellow.

We cannot wait to see what creation you make