I have an idea, Parachute Play & Story Telling

I have an idea

This morning our group time has been focused all around one of our core books ‘I have an idea’
I have an idea is a wonderful story which encourages the children to be creative, supports their self expression and curiosity whilst also extending their vocabulary with new words such as suddenly and idea!
Today during group time the children firstly spoke about what ideas they had had, what they loved doing before listening to the story!
‘I like playing in the kitchen’ R told us
‘digging holes at the beach’ said C
‘my family coming’ said E
Once we had all spoken about our ideas and read the story the children came together to create their very own story! All about a trip to the beach where we made a sandcastles before a big wave washed it away!
Well done Barn Owls – what wonderful creative thinking!

Parachute Play with Polly

This morning in Barn Owls we have had a lovely visit from Polly who visits us each week as part of her work experince!
Polly loves doing craft with the children and began the session by joining in with the children as they painted their own book marks, linking with our topic this week – Storytelling! The children then picked the gruffalo story to be read to them, which is also one of Polly’s favourite stories so Polly helped read this to them!
To finish the session the children enjoyed playing games with the parachute with Polly! Making the parachute move fast and slow, high and low!
Well done Barn Owls!
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Story Telling

This week our topic in Barn Owls Scarning is story telling and so this morning the children have enjoyed exploring a creative “can you make a gruffalo” tray based on one of their favourite core stories – The Gruffalo
Barn owls have shown to have a huge interest in play dough and so we incorporated play dough into todays tray alongside some green pompom “poisonous warts” , some orange “eyes”, some purple “prickles” , some brown pipe cleaners for the Gruffalos arms and legs and some googly eyes
“mine has lots of eyes” HP
“Mine needs lots of purple spikes on his back” MD
“mine is big and round” FTM
Well done barn owls