India Day at Little Owls

On Tuesday this week we will be celebrating our very own India Day at our Little Owls nurseries. India is a place very close to both Johnny and my hearts as we were fortunate enough to travel around this beautiful country to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary two years ago.

What they are experiencing now as a country due to the pandemic is absolutely devastating There are over 400,000 new COVID cases being reported on a daily basis at present and families and children urgently need our help to survive.
A second wave of COVID-19 has left many hospitals without oxygen supplies or available beds. Hospitals and health centres across India are struggling to cope with the sheer numbers of new cases. Patients in critical conditions are being turned away, many dying at home without access to medical help.

We have decided to try to help by holding our very own India day on Tuesday within our settings and will be personally donating all proceeds of our nurseries lunches to Unicef to help the families and their children.

Lunch on Tuesday will now consist of vegetable curry, brown rice and samosa followed by sorbet for dessert.
We hope that this donation will go some way to helping children and families in this beautiful country.

Thank you