Another busy week. It’s a countdown to Christmas

Another busy week on the countdown to Christmas.

Are you working today? Christmas present wrapping or shopping? If so grab yourselves a complementary cup of coffee or tea from our parents Little Owls Christmas refreshment trolley situated outside both of our setting reception areas.

This is available every day up until Christmas.

Have a lovely day and enjoy.

drinks for our parents at little owls
merry christmas from the little owls team
Little Owls Has A Reindeer

A huge thank you

Have you seen our wonderful new additions at the front of our Scarning setting?

Every child who attends our setting and our nursery practitioners have all created a hand print which we have made into a handprint Christmas tree!
And then last week we had a wonderful surprise when one of our parents dropped us off a HUGE wooden reindeer that he had made and donated to us!The children absolutely love it and this has created lots of discussions about Christmas and other related topics.

A big thank you to Waterend Farm (Beeston) Ltd, he will be very loved by our little owls!

nursery handprints

Christmas yoga

Here are some wonderful photos of our Toftwood Tawny owls practising some of our Christmas yoga poses!

We did poses like ‘tinsel toes’ and ‘downward reindeer’ Our Tawny Owls did really well with the poses and even tried to sign Reindeer!

well done Tawny Owls!!

Snowy Owls Toftwood have enjoyed taking part in Yoga!

Snowy Owls followed the practitioners directions and enjoyed copying the poses. S

Their favourite poses were Mountain pose, tickle toes and boat pose!

We followed by dancing to ‘Stand Up, Sit Down’.

Great Job Snowy Owls

nursery handprints

Car races

This week in Snowy Owls the children have loved exploring the outside, where they have been busy constructing ramps using guttering pipes for their cars.

One of the Snowy Owls noticed that the ramp was broken in the middle where the pipe fell shorter than the pallet, so used their problem solving skills to find a plank of wooden to make the pipe stand higher!

The children loved to have races, and were so exited to see who won!!
“Ready, steady, go”
“I won”
“Red cars, yellow cars”
“My car goes fast”
“Two cars”


It’s snowing!

“Snow is falling…all around me”
“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”

Today Little Owls Scarning have had the lovely experience of exploring the winter weather of Snow! All of the children from Tawny Owls, Snowy Owls and Barn Owls wrapped up warm in their coats, scarves and hats ready to catch the snowflakes falling from the snow clouds.

Barn owls loved dancing in the snow and jumping in puddles! We held out our hands to feel how cold the snow felt on our hands, we even tried to catch the snow in our mouth!

With the great excitement this gave the children the opportunity to discuss with their familiar adults and friends what the snow felt like, where it was coming from and watching the flakes change from ice to water!

“The snow is cold”, “It’s falling from the sky”, “I can catch them on my tongue!”, we also heard several excited shouts of “Its Snowing outside!”

Unfortunately we didn’t have enough snow fall to make snowmen but we all still had lots of fun to finish off the week!

Pretent hot chocolate

This week in tawny owls Toftwood we have created a roleplay hot chocolate making station.

The children have enjoyed creating drinks with the hot chocolate containers and used marshmallows (cotton wool balls) and candy canes (pipe cleaners) to add to their drinks!

We used words such as “hot” and “red” to describe the drinks!

The children pretended to drink their cups of hot choc, they laughed and smiled throughout their play!

The road garden

This morning our Snowy Owls Scarning children have had a fantastic time creating lots of lovely Christmas crafts for their surprise packs which will be sent home very soon!

All before wrapping up and investigating the road garden!

The children particularly loved the construction area, role play cafe and the cars too!

“I like this!” “I have two!” “Beep beep” “It’s big!” “There’s lots!”

nursery handprints