It’s kindness week- caring for living things

Star Bakers

Today in Toddler Tawnys at Toftwood we’ve been busy making some delicious shortbread! Our children have recently enjoyed looking through cook books and pointing out the different sweet treats they could see! We decided to follow this up by creating our own delicious shortbread biscuits! We started by measuring out each ingredient and mixing them all together in a large mixing bowl! The children demonstrated fantastic sharing and turn taking throughout this activity! We then rolled out the mixture before using the different shaped cookie cutters to make our biscuits into fun shapes like stars and circles! The children were so excited when the biscuits came out of the oven and wanted to eat them instantly! We decorated our biscuits with icing and sprinkles before taking them home to show our families,

Nature garden adventure!

At Little Owls Scarning we are very lucky to have a vast green space with an array of natural resources to inspect.
Today some of our younger children in Tawny owls went on a nature trail investigating the leaves, flowers and listening to the sound of the wind blowing between the trees.
Additionally, the children were enchanted by the mud kitchens where they explored the leaves, mud and water with their little hands.

Today in Barn Owls Red we have been working together to make some outdoor themed playdough!
The children took it in turns adding ingredients and mixing the playdough until it was ready to play with!
Then we used rolling pins, our new cutters and other various materials like herbs and leaves to turn our dough into different shapes! The Barn Owls decided to smell the herbs and said they smelt like “mint” and “something from the garden”.
The Barn owls made shapes like “sausage rolls”, “a heart”, “a circle” and other creations!
If you would like to make some playdough at home all you need is:
One cup of salt
Two cups of flour
One cup of water
And some food colouring!
We had lots of fun playing with our playdough today, well done barn owls.

Today, our Barn Owls children extended our kindness week by making some special treats for the birds . During the stormy weather we have been having the children thought that the birds wouldn’t be able to fly and find food, so this was a kind way to help the birds.
The children joined Sharon and helped scoop a hole in their apples and fill it with bird food. We then tied some string so that the children could hang them in their gardens.
We discussed where we will hang them in the gardens.
“I got bird feeders at home, it can go on there”
“I going to hang it on my tree”
“On the fence”
“A tree”
We then talked about what birds we will see.
“Robin redbreast”
“Robins only come out in winter”
“A pigeon”
“Crows “
“Maybe a magpie”
This activity is a good way to support children in developing their awareness and begin to understand the need to respect and care for living things.
We also listened to different bird sounds on The Alexa. The children really enjoyed this activity and were very excited to take their feeders home to put in their garden.
Why not take a photo of their feeders in the garden and share it in our parents page or on Tapestry, we would love to see if you can get some pictures of birds eating their treats.

Bubble making wands.

Today in Barn owls we have been so excited to get back outside in the garden with our friends .
As a forest school activity we have been making our very own bubble wands using pipe cleaners and soapy water within a builders tray .
Barn owls used their fine motor skills to form their own wands before using hula hoops .
On our experiment we have found out that the wind has been making our bubbles pop !
Barn owls children have spoke about the wind and air ‘ the wind popped mine !’ , ‘the air is fast !’ , ‘ that bubble is bigger than mine ‘ comparing the different sized bubbles with our friends.

The Snowy Owls in Scarning have enjoyed some mindfulness yoga this morning, where they enjoyed reading ‘Yoga Babies’. The child followed the story, stretching in to different poses whilst listening to the story.
“Look at me”
The Snowy owls then enjoyed some calming drinks after their stretches, and some mindfulness colouring too! Great job Snowy Owls!