Learning about firework safety

Bonfire Night

This week we are focusing on Bonfire night.

We have been talking about Safety around fireworks.

In Barn Owls we have been widening our knowledge about fireworks from a short clip of fireman Sam.

We have learnt we must be a safe distance away from fireworks along with wearing gloves whilst holding a sparkler and never to touch the end.

We have also been talking about the sounds that come from fireworks being loud bangs and pretty colours.

Elegant Fireworks Freepix
Elegant Fireworks Freepix
Elegant Fireworks Freepix


Today in Tawny Owls Toftwood some of our Tawny owls have enjoyed creating some lovely firework pictures ready to celebrate Fireworks night tomorrow.

The children have enjoyed choosing different colours to create marks with, they then added some glitter to make them sparkly!

Well done Tawny Owls!

Visit to see the horses

The barn owls have enjoyed a trip to go and feed the horses behind nursery this afternoon!!

The children enjoyed taking it in turns to feed the horses, and giving them a little stroke too.

This also encouraged discussion on how to look after animals and other pets, and the different food animals eat.

Elegant Fireworks Freepix

Breadstick sparklers

Today Tawny Owls Scarning have had a superb time decorating their individual breadstick sparklers with a variety of colourful icing and edible glitter.

Some of the babies dipped the breadstick into the icing and others obtained a spoon with their pincer grasp to spread the icing.

They incorporated their senses to explore this activity.

Some of the sounds and words exchanged during this activity were lovely to hear such as…
“More more”
“Dip in yay”
“Oh no stuck”
“That green”
“Shake shake shake”

This activity is fantastic way to enhance baby’s fine motor skills as they manipulate and capture their index fingers to touch items.

Elegant Fireworks Freepix
Elegant Fireworks Freepix