Flower printing, finding frogs and learning about science

Today in Barn Owls Red we have been printing with cut flowers, during this activity we spoke about Mother’s Day coming up and how much we love our mummies .
During this activity we have been pulling apart flowers to make a lovely collage for our mummies.

Today in barn owls we have been searching for natural resources in the garden ready to make our very own nature faces, the children used twigs, stones and leaves to create familiar faces. We then spoke about how our faces looked, such as happy and sad.

This morning Snowy Owls Toftwood enjoyed a friendly visit from a frog found in our garden! The children loved watching the frog and stroking it. The children loved watching the frog bounce around and found it very amusing! We then spoke about how the frog needed to go home back to his pond.

Today in Barn Owls Yellow we found a frog outside – barn owls decided to call the frog flossy Barn owls enjoyed looking at the frog and talking about the legs, eyes and pattern on the frogs body! Barn owls kindly sang the frog 5 little speckled frogs! We then talked about how frogs grow and where they live! We watched a video about the life cycle of a frog and learnt lots of interesting facts! Barn owls then let Tawny owls, snowy owls and barn owls red explore the frog too! We then let the frog free back into the mud kitchen with some water.

This week in Barn Owls We are learning all about science today in our builders tray we have been experimenting with marble runs which has been enabling our barn owls to learn about early years physics! We talked about how gravity pulls the marbles from high to low down the marble runs! Barn owls did a super job at working as a team to make some great marble .

This week Snowy Owls Scarning have been focusing on the theme of “Science week” and today we based our science activities around rainbows!
Throughout the day we have had a special UV light box to explore with rainbow Jelly filled numbers and letters to enhance our literacy and mathematics skills! Inside our jelly filled numbers there are several bubbles and Snowy Owls have been fascinated when moving them around the different numbers and letters against the UV light.

We also did a very special science experiment today with rainbow skittles and warm water! With adult support Snowy Owls neatly placed the coloured skittles in a big circle around a plate and poured water into the centre ready to watch the magic happen! Over a short period of time the water started to drain the different colours from the skittles on to the plate and formed a beautiful rainbow Snowy Owls maintained focus on this activity for a long period of time discussing the changes of colour and how many they could identify!