Winter is coming and Little owls are preparing and exploring

Winter is coming

Our theme this week is ‘winter is coming’ and Tawny owls have absolutely loved decorated their shiny snowflake today during craft!

The babies were given the opportunity to chose their own snowflakes.

From here they used their individual glue, sequences and glitter to decorate their snowflakes.

The babies liked feeling the texture of the different shaped colourful sequences. This activity is a great way to support the children fine motor skills and sensory exploration.


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Little Owls coffee shop

Our snowy owls at our Scarning setting have been having lots of fun this morning in their role play house which they have turned into a coffee shop!

The children have been demonstrating their fantastic imaginative skills and re-enacting life events as they make and drink cups of coffee, serving their friends, pretending to be the shop keeper and using the till to pay with their pennies.

Well done snowy owls…

“I want a coffee”
“I have a big cup”
“I’m baking cakes”

Racing cars

Today in Tawny Owls we have had lots of fun racing cars down ramps.

Each of our Tawny Owls took it in turns to push a car down the ramps to see how far it could go!

They were all very proud of themselves! Well done Tawnys.


Great imaginative play

This morning our snowy owls Scarning have been enjoying water play with a twist!
We extended their interest in water play by adding fruit flavoured tea bags, allowing the children to not only explore water play but also a great opportunity to learn through their senses.
Some of children showed curiosity about the tea bags and what the leaves were inside – which prompted a discussion and investigation into what was inside the tea bag.
“This is a yummy dinner”
“I’m making ice cream”
“I’m making a cup of tea for Leah”
“What’s this”
“It’s purple”
“It’s smells nice doesn’t it”
“This is so much fun”
“I made a big drink”
Great imagination and investigating snowy owls

The polar express

The Polar Express has come to Barn Owls Yellow today.

The children were delighted to see the festive builders tray this morning and were excited to get a golden ticket for a ride on the train.

Lots of imaginative play took place during this activity, building stories around their play from the children’s experiences of Christmas and the Movie ‘The Polar Express’

Well done Barn Owls

Collection Cartoon Penguin 29190 3493

Sensory tray

Today in tawny owls Toftwood we have been exploring our ice rink sensory tray!

The children enjoyed feeling a range of different textures as well as enjoying a small world aspect with happy land people and penguins!

We used words such as ‘soft’, ‘rough’ and ‘shiny to describe the textures!

Well done Tawny Owls

Gingerbread man

Today in Barn Owls Yellow we have been busy creating our own gingerbread man.

We talked about how we could create the body of the gingerbread man and decided drawing round one of our friends would be best!

I had a very special helper who stayed very still! Once we created our body we all got to choose which colour we would like to use.

We talked about how the gingerbread man needed eyes, a nose, a mouth and of course buttons.

Barn Owls worked well together to decorate our gingerbread man all adding their own designs to make our gingerbread unique and special just like us!

Well done Barn Owls

Chalk baubles

In Snowy Owls today we have been decorating chalk baubles in our messy tray.

The children have enjoyed creating marks using the chalks and we have been discussing the size of the baubles.

Well done Snowy Owls.

Playdough fun

Following on from our winter theme, Tawny Owls Scarning has a Winter sensory week.

Today our babies have been fascinated playing with peppermint green play dough. They loved making lots of different marks in the playdough using different natural resources such as pine cones, sticks and cinnamon sticks and attempting to use the rollers to roll the playdough out.

Our babies also explored the playdough using their fingers and they used their sense of smell to explore the playdough throughout.

Lots of sounds and words were said when playing with playdough. Such as…


nursery handprints