Little Owls are celebrating NHS’s birthday and preparing for big school

Our mud kitchen

Snowy Owls at Scarning have been very busy this morning in our mud kitchen creating a variety of different treats! Using lots of natural materials such as soil, water, stones, leaves and flowers to mix, pour, transport, fill and empty into different trays, pots and pans and jugs, letting their imaginations go wild!

‘‘ In my kitchen I got pie”
“ shall I water it?”
“More water please”. “This green”
“My crocs are blue, my socks are yellow”
“That’s big one”

Thank you Morrisons

At Little Owls Scarning we would like to say a huge thank you to our local Morrison’s Dereham for their kind donation of summer goodies for our children to enjoy!

Barn Owls and snowy Owls wasted no time in beginning to enjoy these in our outdoor play: making and chasing bubbles, playing ball games and working together to play dominos!

Thank you for your kindness from all of us at Little Owls Scarning.

nursery handprints

Celebrating NHS’s birthday

To celebrate our incredible NHS’s 72nd
birthday this weekend Little Owls
Scarning have themed some of our activities around marking this occasion. It is important to us to celebrate British values with our children and encourage discussion within the setting.

We spoke about doctors and nurses and then we extended this into role playing doctors and nurses, made x-rays with cotton buds on black paper and creating beautiful hand print rainbows!! 🌈

Happy Birthday NHS

Going to big school

Over the next few weeks in Barn Owls, we will be talking about going to school and preparing our children about the activities and what to expect leading up to starting big school

Our children have been designing school t-shirts and talking about what they will wear when they start school

nursery handprints

Wonderful activities

Today has been a very busy day for our children in all rooms, they have enjoyed lots of activities including sensory bottles, small world play, outside play and various arts And crafts.

Here is a selection of photos showing the wonderful activities our children have been getting involved in.

nursery handprints

Leaf printing

Today in Snowy Owls Toftwood, we have been doing some lovely leaf printing with chalk. The children really enjoyed looking at the patterns it made on the paper.

Road safety

This week in Barn Owls Scarning, the children have been focusing on the topic ‘vehicles’.

The children have created their own road out of masking tape, and worked together to stick the tape down.

They then practised how to cross the road safely, discussing the importance of looking left and right to check for any dangers!

The children then took it in turns to be a traffic light, letting the rest of their friends know when the road was safe to cross!

nursery handprints