Little Owls Christmas Craft Morning- A parent’s review

Little Owls Day Nursery

I think there is something about Elijah starting school next year that has made me appreciate the things he does at nursery a little bit more, knowing that this is his last year there.
I knew that as soon as I saw the email ping in my inbox for Christmas craft morning I had to attend and I wasn’t disappointed.
In our four years, I have been to a few of the craft/ story café mornings hosted by Little Owls and they are always fun.
For me the thing I like best about them is to watch Elijah interacts with his friends, or excitedly show me around. You might even get a glimpse of some artwork that made the wall or they were involved in that you didn’t even know about.
It’s lovely to sit down with the nursery staff and have a proper chat with them too.

Barn Owl Christmas Craft Morning

After a nightmare of a morning, where our car broke down and we had to get the bus we arrived at the Barn Owl Christmas Craft Morning to see not one but two rooms filled with crafts on every table.
Parents and children were all busily taking part in various crafts and there was so much choice on offer.
From decorating snowman biscuits and cakes, making our own wrapping paper, 3d paper snowmen, water trays, sand tables, pasta wreath making, playdough and role play areas there was so much to do!
We didn’t know where to start!
Elijah thought it was very funny that I was staying with me and we enjoyed taking parts in the crafts together.
Sometimes it can be quite hard to find the time to sit down and have some craft time with just him and me, and this really did give us the opportunity to do this.
Elijah also enjoyed the refreshments that were put out for children and parents and we made a few trips back! The mince pies were especially tasty!
It was great to spend time with some of Elijah’s friends who I have heard so much about and could now put a face to the name!
Time seemed to fly by, but I think that’s because we were so busy!
The staff really had done a great job of putting on not just a few crafts but two rooms full of different crafts for everyone to enjoy.
It also meant that everyone had a chance to do everything and interact together.
I went away feeling very grateful I had been able to experience that with Elijah, and we spoke about it at home a lot too.
It was a great way to strengthen the nursery- home link and for us parents to experience a small piece of what the children get to on a daily basis.
I was also feeling very festive (and covered in glue!) on the way home.
For anyone who hasn’t attended a craft morning/ story café I would highly recommended them as it really is a great experience that you can share with your own little owl!

Vicki Cockerill is a Freelance Content Writer and NICU/CHD Mum to two boys, she authors The Honest Confessions of A NICU Mum Blog, founded and runs The NICU Parent Partnership Organisation and co-hosts @KnackeredandNorwich Social Club. You can contact her via her blog or social media;
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