What a Full week at Little Owls Day Nursery

Snowy Owls at Little Owls day Nursery

The Snowy Owls have been very busy transforming the room, adding an interactive autumnal corner! This area provides the children will lots of resources to explore, touch and talk about!

Tawny Owls at Little Owls Day Nursery

Tawny Owls have been very busy doing some printing with the paint. The children used pine cones and vegetables to make different patterns and explore different textures. Well done Tawny Owls ??

Barn Owls Scarning Little Owls

This week in Barn Owls Scarning, we have been celebrating friendships. The children enjoyed making friendship bracelets for their friends and families using card, glue, and lots of glitter!!

Barn Owls Toftwood Little Owls Day Nursery

This morning barn owls Toftwood have been busy sprucing up the mud kitchen ? if any parents have any unwanted pots pans or cooking utensils please can these be brought to the office at Toftwood, also needed wellies in sizes 7-10 please for our preschoolers ??

Tawny owls at Scarning Little Owls Day Nursery

An area we thoroughly enjoy implementing at Little Owls is the Curiosity Approach. In Tawny Owls Scarning we have been discovering a variety of every day items such as steel kettles, mirrors, pine cones, sticks, and much more to make connections. This is a lovely activity for our children to use, by having every day items available to interlink between the different areas of the EYFS, the children continue to enhance their learning experiences.

HELP !!!

At both of our Little Owls nurseries we encourage our children to enjoy the outside fresh air ?️and have fun in our bespoke mud kitchens. We provide all outerwear protective dungarees and boots for our children and have recently ordered some waterproof clothing for our lovely staff. What we do require is unwanted adult size rubber boots.
Please have a hunt in your homes and any donated rubber boots would be so much appreciated.

Thank you?‍